how to take care of your snow jacket

How To Get The Most From Your New Snow Jacket

Have you ever wondered how to take care of your new snow jacket or how to maximize your snow experience with all the latest features that come with a new jacket? If so, then you have come to the right place!

Your new ski jacket or snowboarding jacket is complete and ready to be used from the second Mr or Ms delivery hands it over, so no need to impregnate or spray any repellant fluids on it as this could do more harm than good!

Therefore, we recommend the first thing to do once you receive your spanking new jacket is to go right ahead and spray yourself with some powdery snow instead!


If you have not been reading up on all of the functionality of your jacket before buying it, you might be missing out. So let’s cover some of the stuff your jacket can do!

This part varies a bit between models of jackets, so yours might have features that are not covered, and might lack some that are covered!

Keeping Your Phone Alive

phone pocket on snowboard jacket

Some modern issues are that our phones tend to run out of battery pretty fast once exposed to cold weather. Many jackets have a feature to help with this, the body heated media pocket.

If you have a look at the inside of your jacket you might just find a pocket that is close to your body. If you do, jackpot! You found the media pocket.

On anorak style jackets, this pocket can be hard to reach, but a little pro tip. It is easier to reach through the side of the jacket if you open up the pit vent zipper.

Pit Vent Zippers

And speaking of pit vent zippers, many jackets have zipped ventilation under the arms. Use this if you are feeling warm while riding, this will allow for sweat and steam to disappear and you will avoid getting sweaty, and in the long run, this will prevent you from getting cold once the sweat turns to moist and starts to cool you down.

Snow Stops

Snow stop on ski jacket

Another great way to avoid getting wet is to use the snow stops. Most jackets have them for your wrists, pull your hands through and put the thumb in the designated thumbhole. Using this function will make a big difference in case you have a little tumble in the snow.

Also, many jackets have a snow stop around the waist, use the buttons to secure it while riding and you will have extra protection against snow ending up on the wrong side of the jacket.

Ski Pass Pocket

ski pass pocket

And one small but very useful detail, which you are most likely already using. But hey let’s mention it anyway! Check your left arm, and there is a small pocket, the ski pass pocket. You can probably figure out how to use it if you haven’t already.

How To Clean Your Jacket

Your new ski/snowboarding jacket is water repellent and made out of a breathable material, which is awesome and necessary while shredding. But it does not act like normal clothing and needs some extra love when it is time to get it clean.

To keep the functionality of your jacket in tip-top condition for longer, you should avoid washing your jacket as much as possible.

Without getting too techy here…

Most of the jackets we sell are made out of an advanced Hydrophilic membrane, which is much more resistant against dust and dirt getting clogged up in the pores, therefore making washing less necessary.

For Small Stains - Just Wipe!

But if you stained your jacket and want to get it clean and looking crisp again. The first thing you should try is simply to wipe it off with NIKWax or similar products made for waterproof materials.

If that does not do the trick, let’s get into how to wash the jacket.

Instructions For Machine Washing Your Jacket

So the first step would be to read the washing label inside the jacket, right!?

If it allows for machine washing, here is how to go about it.

  • Close and empty all pockets on the jacket.
  • Close the zipper and turn the jacket inside out.
  • DO NOT use bleach or harsh chemicals, preferably use a special detergent made for waterproof fabrics.​
  • Wash only the jacket alone and Never warmer than 30 Celsius. Preferably on a low intense program.

Hand Wash Instructions

If your jacket does not allow for machine washing or you would just prefer to clean it by hand, no worries, let’s cover that as well!

The first 3 steps are basically the same.

But instead of choosing a gentle program, fill up a sink or a basin with cold water. Apply the special detergent for waterproof clothing or continue with a gentle detergent.

Leave the jacket in the basin and let it sink in for a while, and then rinse it through clean water twice and squeeze out the water, do not twist or wrinkle it to get the water out.

How To Dry Your Jacket​

To dry the jacket, you can use a dryer on low heat, or let it hang on a hanger until it is completely dry. Avoid direct sunlight while drying the jacket.

And there we go, your jacket is as good as new. Time to hit the slopes!

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