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Whether you’re the type to agonise over choosing your next ski jacket, or your the kind of person who buys purely on a whim, making sure you’re squeezing every last drop of performance out of your jacket is just good practice. Snow jackets vary so much and between the different brands and types, there are lots of different features designed to make your on-mountain experience that much more pleasant. Check out our article below that covers the most important aspects of modern snow jackets, to make sure you’re not missing anything when you’re hitting the slopes.


If you didn’t read up on all the cool features your jacket had before buying it, you might be missing out. So let’s cover some of the stuff your jacket can do!

This part varies a bit between different models of jackets, so yours might have features that are not covered, and might not have some that are included!

Phone/Media Pocket

phone pocket

A distinctly modern issue is that our phones tend to run out of battery pretty fast once exposed to cold weather. Many jackets have a feature to help with this — a body heated media pocket.

If you have a look on the inside of your jacket you might just find a pocket that is around the chest area, usually zipped, often with a headphone cord outlet. If you do, jackpot!

On anorak style jackets, this pocket might be hard to reach, but a little pro tip. It is easier to reach through the side of the jacket if you open up the side-access zipper.

Underarm Vents

pit vent zippers

And speaking of pit underarm vents, many jackets have zipped vents in the armpits. Use them if you are feeling warm while riding, as they will allow hot air to be let out, reducing excess moisture and sweat. In the long run, this will prevent you from getting cold once the sweat soaks your clothes and cools.

Wrist Gaiters

snow stops

Most jackets now come with wrist gaiters. They prevent powder and snow from going up your sleeve and soaking your arms and base layers. You can either use them fully with the thumb hole or leave them loose around your wrist for partial protection on warmer days!

Powder/Snow Skirt

Powder Skirt

Most snow jackets also come with a snow skirt which may be detachable. This elasticated skirt buttons up at the front to prevent snow from going up your jacket. Sometimes they can be unzipped and removed (giving the jacket more versatility), and also attached to compatible pants from the same brand for total protection even in tumbling falls!

Ski Pass Pocket

Ski pass pocket

This is one small but very useful detail, which you are most likely already using. But hey, let’s mention it anyway! Check your left arm, and there’s likely to be a small pocket: the lift pass pocket. You can probably figure out how to use it if you haven’t already.

How to clean, wash & dry your jacket

You are wondering how you can clean, wash and dry your jacket if it got a filthy stain? We put together a complete guide on how to wash your ski jacket that will run you through the process step by step.

We recommend washing your jacket up to one time per year to reactivate its water repellent membrane (DWR).