Everything You Need To Know About Snow Headgear | Ridestore Mag

When you’re talking about headgear, the first thing you should be looking at is helmets. Whether it’s ‘cool’ or not in your circle of friends, riding without a helmet isn’t something we encourage here at Ridestore. And frankly, if people think they don’t look cool, they just don’t know what they’re doing! Accessorising the old noggin’ is a tricky affair at the best of times, but with our guide, you’ll be looking slick, shredding hard, and riding safely. Which we consider the holy trifecta of snowboarding and skiing.

When it comes to helmets, the question of goggles over or under, beanie or no beanie, and hood or facemask, making the right call can be tricky, and definitely not a decision to be sniffed at. But whether you like the classic no-beanie, goggles-over ski-styling, or you prefer the laid back beanie, no liner, goggles under snowboard-vibe, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find the low-down on all things headgear, as well as our top tips for honing your look and choosing the right accessories.

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Top headgear


ski facemasks

This is maybe the most common and a very easy going piece of equipment. You just pull them over your head and down to cover your neck up to the chin.

Some have breathing holes for your nose and mouth, whilst some are one solid piece.

I personally do not like to have my mouth or nose covered. So I always put my facemask up to the chin, leaving my mouth and nose to breath freely. Usually, having the mask against your face will create a bit of moist.

But many people like to have full coverage and if you are one of them, choosing a facemask with breathing holes can be a good idea.


Dope cozy hood

Hoods are a great way to get full coverage, from your neck and around your head. All in one product.

If you are shredding with a helmet (stay safe peeps), you will be able to have it over your helmet, while still enjoying the full coverage. If you do not use a helmet, make sure to have a beanie or so under the hood. It does not fit tight around your head, so without any extra protection. You will get cold.



Balaclava is a piece that covers most of your face, throat and neck all in one. Unlike the hood, a balaclava fits tightly against your skin.

Offering full coverage, but you should wear headgear like a helmet or beanie over your balaclava.

Not to be mixed up with the baklava, which is better in your mouth then your face.