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If you have to wear a ski helmet (which you absolutely do), is there a way to style it out? You may have noticed a trend of people wearing hats under their helmets, with their goggle strap tucked underneath as well. It sounds like it would look a bit ridiculous on paper, but it’s pretty cool in reality. We know looking cool on the mountain is an absolute essential, so do you follow the trend? There are a few things to consider before deciding the rock the look, but there is one thing for sure, as long as you’re all wearing ski helmets, we’re here for any decision you make.

Balancing style and comfort

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How to wear a hat under a helmet

How to rock the hat under the helmet look is not as simple as you would think. You have to wear the right type of hat, position the helmet in a certain way and change how you would typically wear goggles. Essentially forget how you would normally wear your ski helmet.

how to wear a hat under a ski helmet

Type of hat

The hat is obviously the crucial part of this look, but unfortunately, you can’t just choose any regular beanie. The hat needs to be snug to the head, and with no bobble. And you may or may not be able to wear a cuffed beanie depending on your helmet and the fit! Of course, you also want to choose a colour that will go with the ski helmet and the rest of your outfit, as it will peep out under the helmet.

How to wear the helmet

The ski helmet needs to be a basic ‘skate’ type, without any extra padding, liners, ear pads, or features, all of which may make it difficult to style with the hat. There are safety concerns about getting a larger helmet, but you do need to make sure the helmet isn’t too small. 

To actually make the hat fit under the helmet, you will most likely need to unclip and pull out the winter lining on the inside and the ears. The hat then will become that extra layer of warmth and protection. But this does mean the helmet might move around slightly on your head. This is where we question some of the cons of this hat under helmet look, but we will come onto that.

How to wear the helmet

What to do with the goggles

For this look, surprisingly, the goggles actually sit between the helmet and the hat. So put the hat on, then the goggles, with the helmet over the top. This way when you take your goggles off, the helmet will be pushed back and the goggles can then sit on the forehead. This way there is no chance of losing your goggles and the straps secure the hat in place. 

Pros and cons of wearing a hat under a ski helmet

Now that we’ve gone through the basics about wearing a helmet, goggles and the hat itself, it’s time to talk a little about the pros and cons of wearing a hat under a helmet. Even though wearing a hat underneath gives impeccable style, there’s some cons in it too. Let’s dive in!


Extra warmth

On the cold and windy mountain days, some of that brisk air often gets trapped in your helmet, but with the hat in place, it provides a thick and insulating layer, perfect for those icy temperatures.

Extra style points

It can’t be denied that if you have nailed the hat under ski helmet look, it is cool look. Mostly the seasonnaires/locals or the advanced riders rock this look, so slim chance of being taken for a novice.

Snugger fitting helmet

If your helmet is a little too big, this can be dangerous if you were to fall. Adding the hat underneath is a cheaper and quicker way to pad out the helmet and ensure it is well fitted on the head.

Cons of wearing a hat under a ski helmet

Reduce the effectiveness of the ski helmet

Ski helmets are solely designed and scientifically engineered to protect your head in case of a fall and can reduce the risk of serious head injury by up to 60%. The hat essentially stops the helmet from being fit for purpose, potentially putting yourself in a dangerous position if you were to hit your head.

Adding bulk

If you don’t have the right type of helmet or beanie, the hat under the ski helmet look can look bulky, and your head can look out of proportion with your body and let's be honest, that isn’t chic.

Exposing part of your head

To fit the helmet over the hat, the ski helmet will have to sit further back or higher on your head, which exposes your forehead and even the back of yoru skull. If you were to fall, the helmet is not protecting your whole head, which could be fatal.


Ski helmets are designed to have air vents that allow for a natural flow of air to your head, whilst also keeping you warm. The hat stops any air coming in, so on a warmer spring skiing day, your head can overheat, which could be uncomfortable (and cause some serious sweaty hat hair).

Other options for extra layers

If you are wanting to rock the hat under the ski helmet look for extra style points or for warmth, then there are other options than just a beanie. Some of these other options, are designed to be put under a helmet and therefore ensure you are still well protected. 

other options for layering

Skull liners and balaclava

There are skull liners and balaclavas which are thin, silky, and lightweight so they can fit on your head and add an extra layer without the bulk of a hat. These options will fit more securely on your head and ensure that the helmet is still effective.


Consider using a buff instead, as they are also lightweight and thin, so can be put over your head and cover your ears. Buffs are super versatile and a great added layer to keep any part of your body warm. 


How do I select the right size of ski helmet when planning to wear a hat underneath? 

Picking the right ski helmet size is crucial. When intending to wear a hat underneath, try on the helmet with the hat you intend to wear for accurate sizing. However, it's essential to ensure the helmet doesn't sit too high on your head, which can reduce its protective properties.

Is it mandatory to remove the lining of the ski helmet for wearing a hat under it? 

Not necessarily, the removal of lining is mainly for helmets that do not provide sufficient room for a hat underneath. Depending on your helmet's design and fit, you may or may not need to remove the lining.


To answer the question in short, should you wear a hat under a ski helmet, yes or no? The conclusion is probably going to be a no. Not to be boring, but how much the added layer of a hat can do to reduce how effective a helmet is at protecting your precious head is not worth the risk. A ski helmet has the extra warmth built-in but is also designed to look very cool on the mountain. It can be challenging to nail the hat under a ski helmet look, which some have pulled off, but you risk looking like an amateur if you don’t have the right gear. Get yourself a slick, well-fitted ski helmet and hit the slopes with confidence. 

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