50 Best Snowparks In Europe

There was a time when every rider, no matter their proficiency, age or style, has ridden past a snowpark, or worse, over the top looking down from the chairlift and shuddered at the riders below. Filled with fear, yet an odd sense of excitement and anticipation. We have all, at some point ventured into a park for the first time and felt the adrenaline as we try our first jump.

That feeling is addictive, that’s for sure. For some of us, that feeling turns into a love and adoration for the park and although all park riders can agree, spring sessions are the best, no matter the weather, the conditions, the park beckons. Then there are those of us, who pass by every now and again to either build skills and push ourselves or for a couple of laps and a giggle with our friends. 

Either way, snowparks can make or break a resort, no matter how dull the piste may be or even how sensational the freeride may be, if the resort has a killer park, it can attract crowds and riders from all over the world. 

But how does one choose? Or if you are heading away this winter whether the snowpark is your non-negotiable, how do you find out more about the park? Well with that in mind, together with a crack team of experts, we have put together the ultimate list of best snow parks in Europe.

First, let’s meet the judges…

Judging Panel

Olya Smeshlivaya

3 Time Russian Champion Pro Snowboarder & European Cup Medalist 

Olya Smeshlivaya​ is wearing womens snowboard jacket from Dope Snow

Olya’s Top 3 Snowparks in Europe (& Why)​

Flo Preuss

Member of the German Freeski Team & German Slopestyle Champion

florian Preuss is wearing mens ski jacket from Dope Snow

Flo’s Top 3 Snowparks in Europe (& Why)

Angelica Sykes

Angelica Sykes

UK Freeride Snowboard Champion

Pontus Karlsson

Swedish Extreme Sports Youtube Sensation

Lina Herz

German Snowboarder & Park Enthusiast

How We Rate The Best Snowparks In Europe

We have awarded resorts with badges to denote what strengths to look out for. Whether you are searching for a Snowpark that’s perfect for jumps, rails or for beginners. Discover which resort fits your criteria by our badges. 

Jumps Badge 220

This badge lets you know that this snowpark is epic for the best jumps/kickers in the business! Head here if you like to get big air and experience the adrenaline. 

Best Snowparks Europe Rails & Boxes Award Ridestore Magazine

When you see this badge, you know that the snowpark is amazing for box features and rails. This is where shapers can get really creative. Building some truly innovative features that help you gain skills and maybe even get some unmissable Instagram pics. After all, if you didn’t put it on Instagram, did you even go riding?


This badge is for those of you who are just starting out in the park. This badge means this park is the ideal place to help you scale your ability in a safe and challenging environment. A park that offers a great mix of blue lines and beginner features.


Look out for this badge as you pick up the pace and start pushing yourself a little further. This badge means the park is going to change and grow as you do. The park will no doubt light the fire of excitement in your belly and push you to where fear and excitement meet! That’s the sweet spot.

Best Snowparks Europe Pro Line Award - Ridestore Magazine

Well, this badge means you have hit the motherload of Snowparks. The kinda park that will fill you with ore and passion as you look down, as you ride overhead in the lift. No doubt yelling down to give them stoke as you plan your tricks for your line!


Let’s get creative! No just your average park set up, no, these park shapers have imagined some crazy and radical formations and made their dreams our reality! We are talking table tops, side hits, pipes and a whole manner of fun! The most sensational, the better. 

This badge is a really important badge. It signifies that this park is going above and beyond to create a sense of community for the riders who love to visit. This badge means they are events, competitions and plenty of festivities to look forward to plus a super helpful and welcoming group of locals! 

Psst… If you are looking to impress on the slopes this season, find your perfect snowboard jacket or ski jacket at Ridestore!

Austria Wins Award For Best European Snowparks!

Best snow parks in Europe

News fresh of the press, Austria wins the title of “Home Of The Best Snowparks”. Although this was a tough choice as each and every destination in Europe is home to incredible snowparks that offer awesome freestyle for all levels, it was Austria that provided the most exciting, innovative and well-kept parks on the continent. 

Home to Vans Penken Park Mayrhofen, Absolut Park Flachauwinkl and Stubai Zoo, Austria is helping push the industry forward with creativity and a revolving door of features. These resorts beckon riders of the upper elites, while also welcoming beginners, providing a safe and fun place to develop and push your skills as well as breaking boundaries in the industry. If you want to experience the cleanest, most slick and truly inspiring features in Europe, Austria is your destination!

So let’s dive right into our chosen snowpark picks in Austria!

Snowparks In Austria

Penken Park Mayrhofen, Austria

Vans Penken Park Mayrhofen
Photo credit to Vans Penken Facebook

Closest Airport: Innsbruck (75km)

Nearby City: Munich (140km)

Mayrhofen Penken Park is one of the most famous and often touted as the best parks in the Austrian Alps. The park has it’s very own 4-person “SunJet” chairlift that ensures snowboarders and freeskiers can get in as many runs as possible during their session in a whopping eight different areas. Beginners and young freestyle acrobats get their money’s worth here at Penken Park, that’s for sure. The features are usually well-prepared as reshaping normally takes place in the afternoon. Brush shoulders with pros as well as those with all the gear and no idea! An eclectic mix.

Absolut Park Flachauwinkl, Austria

Absolut Park Flachauwinkl
Photo credit to Absolut Park Facebook

Closest Airport: Salzburg 77km

Nearby City: Salzburg 77km

Absolut Park may not be the first word in Austrian snowparks but it is making its mark as a mecca for freestylers. They have plenty of obstacles divided into different and imaginative lines. They have a badass kicker line with several hits, a medium/beginner line and a more advanced rail line with a fun halfpipe, in the end, making this a great spot to advance a whole manner of skills. Absolut is also home to a “railyard” a more advanced area, and where all the lines meet, you have a “jib garden/Jib park” which is good wholesome fun for the whole family- okay maybe not everyone but still cool!

Absolut has made the park a one-stop hang out with a chill house (and toilets) with sofas and a skate ramp. It provides the perfect meeting spot for friends, a place to hang out all day. PSST don’t miss “The Jib King” comp at the start of the season.

"Absolut Park is one of the biggest snow park in Europe and biggest in Austria. The entire park area extends over 1.5 km, is divided into seven sections and is equipped with a wide and varied range of around 100 obstacles. No matter which level you are, beginner or pro: In the Absolut Park you will find everything your freestyle heart desires. This place is perfect for progression."
Olya Smeshlivaya
Professional Snowboarder
Best Snowparks Europe Rails & Boxes Award Ridestore Magazine


st anton
Photo credit to S t Anton Facebook

Closest Airport:  Innsbruck 96km

Nearby City:  Innsbruck 96km

We all know St Anton for its luxury feel and freeride paradise but did you know they have an amazing SnowPark too? If you are wanting endless powder runs, but are searching for a masterly shaped setup, the STANTON PARK is the place to be! The whole area around the park is easily accessible by two lifts, meaning more laps within a short time and shred ‘til you drop! STANTON PARK has created a set up to suit all levels, the proline will push you and the medium lines will help you build your skillset. If the park isn’t for you or if you have exhausted yourself, you can also head to the Rendl bar and watch the magic unfold from an aerial perspective with a drink in hand too! This gives the area an electric atmosphere that is unmissable.

Blue Tomato Kings Park Hochkönig, Austria

Blue Tomato Kings Park Hochkönig
Photo credit to Blue Tomato Kings Facebook

Closest Airport:  Salzburg 68km

Nearby City: Salzburg 68km

This is the snowpark, big leagues! To start with, it could not be easier to get to the Blue Tomato Kings park; simply take the Dacheggbahn (6 person chairlift) to get to the top of the park. After riding your line, take the Kings Cab lift to lap the park (8 person gondola) again and again to enjoy until your heart’s content! Believe us, there will indeed be plenty of keeps you occupied. Their specialite de la maison has to be kickers, if you like getting air, this is the place to flex your muscles. From little pops to big tricks, this is your spot. Kings Park is also a great locals park, well looked after and friendly people.

Area 47 Snowpark Sölden, Austria

Area 47 Snowpark Sölden,
Photo credit to area 47 Facebook

Closest Airport:  Innsbruck 92km

Nearby City: Innsbruck 92km

Area 47 has created quite a legacy for itself, becoming well established as a true freestyle hotspot within the European snowpark scene. Area 47 offers a versatile setup and with innovation at the forefront, the shapers endeavor to steadily add, replace and expand upon to always offer new challenges to their now very international freestyle community. The park continuously offers a well-mastered balance of beginner, advanced and jib features as well as an exciting and stimulating variation of different kickers. It’s a real smorgasbord that’s unmissable when you are in the area.

Ischgl Snowpark, Austria

snowpark ischgl
Photo credit to Snowpark Ischgl Facebook

Closest Airport:  Innsbruck 100km

Nearby City: Innsbruck 100km

Ischgl Snowpark is everything you could possibly want in a state of the art, modern Snowpark. Now powered by Jeep, the snowpark is able to be creative and innovative with the features; truly creating a space for all levels of riders. It couldn’t be easier to access either, right by Idalp with features that you can hike without having to lap the chair.

Watch out for their rails/pipes which are super fun. They have a total of 16 elements so plenty to keep you busy. But the pièce de résistance has to be the big air bag! Maybe you have never tired a big air jump before or you are trying to master difficult flips or rotations, the airbag is basically a god send! Lap the airbag, gradually building your confidence and skills before you head to either the blue, red or pro jumps.

They have a great team there too so your takeoffs and landings are going to be as smooth as butter, those kickers are royalty. Why not hang out at their dedicated relax zone, kick back with a drink and swap tricks and tips with locals and big names. What could be more idyllic!

"Ischgl got a really really nice snowpark directly at the Idalp. It offers obstacles for everyone. Small jumps, all kinds of rails and boxes and an airbag to try your first tricks. But also for advanced riders the bigger Kickerline offers a lot of potential to play around. And I think there is no need to tell you that it is kind of hard to not party after skiing in Ischgl."
florian Preuss is wearing mens ski jacket from Dope Snow
Flo Preuss
Professional Freeskier

Snowpark Kitzbühel, Austria

Photo credit to kitzski.at

Closest Airport: Salzburg 73km

Nearby City: Salzburg 73km

Snowpark Kitzbühel has been hugely popular ever since its first season and has basically turned Kitzbühel into a freestyle heaven, as well as a hub for free riders, smack bang in the heart of Austria. It’s home to both large and small kickers, boxes, unique features, rails, and jibs, offering exciting thrills for every type of freestyler. Now sponsored by Planet Sports and DC, they have made constant change and innovation possible, so plenty more to come. The snowpark is also convenient to access, via Mittersill: take a ride up the mountain with the Panorama gondola, then follow the connecting route to the chairlift at Hanglalm, you can ride this lift right up to the top! Top tip- don’t miss out on the wooden park, the picnic table, and tree jib.

Snowpark Gastein, Austria

Snowpark Gastein
Photo Credit to Gastein Facebook

Closest Airport:  Salzburg 105km

Nearby City: Salzburg 105km

The Snowpark in Gastein is a perfectly shaped set-up, made with love with lines for every freestyler with features just waiting to be explored. After a mad park session, if you still haven’t had enough fun, why not go and nail some serious powder out in the backcountry! There’s fun for everyone in Gastein. It’s a pretty epic set up, simply jam-packed with variety, home to over 30 obstacles in the beginners, intermediate and advanced areas, for sure there is no shortage of choice at Snowpark Gastein. The park comes alive in spring, the park is bathed in sunshine, making it not only photo-worthy but a great place to gather, hang and push yourself with your friends.

Snowpark Kitzsteinhorn, Austria

Snowpark Kitzsteinhorn
Photo credit to Kitzsteinhorn Facebook

Closest Airport: Salzburg 111km

Nearby City: Salzburg 111km

From October to May, there is no better place to experience one of the longest and best snowpark seasons in Europe! Home to a dedicated, experienced fun and friendly shaper team, there is certainly no chance to get used to any features that are constantly changing to ensure constant excitement in Kitzsteinhorn! The first features are shredded in the Glacier Park at the glacier plateau by autumn. Then the Easy Park and Central Park offer a more diverse set up for beginners, experts as well as the pros until the beginning of May. Then we have the mighty superpipe with impressive jumps of over 6m in attracting athletes as adventurous locals alike.

"Whenever you look for a nice park in Salzburger Land you should go to Kitzsteinhorn - the home of skiers like Lukas Müllauer and Tom Ritsch. Beside the glacier park with a lot of tubes and rails that is setup from early October till late spring you can enjoy the big park further down in the resort all winter. Jumps, rails and a big superpipe make even olympic skiers come here every year to work on their next big moves. A place to recommend if you want to shred with nice vibes."
florian Preuss is wearing mens ski jacket from Dope Snow
Flo Preuss
Professional Freeskier

Stubai Zoo, Austria

Stubai Zoo
Photo credit to Stubai zoo Faceook

Closest Airport:  Innsbruck 88km

Nearby City: Innsbruck 88km

Stubai, basically the don, the godfather, the big cheese of snowparks in Austria and arguably Europe! If you scroll through IG as early as October, you see the world’s best riders flocking en mass to Stubai to warm up for the season in this expertly shaped park. This is down to its incredible altitude of 3100m, plus thanks to its south-facing location and sunshine exposure, you are guaranteed soft landings from dawn till dusk. Access couldn’t be easier either. “The fastest route to the DC Stubai Zoo is taking the 3S Eisgratbahn lift and change to the Schaufeljochbahn lift on the Eisgrat. From the Schaufeljochbahn mountain station, you can already see the Stubai Zoo”- stubaier-gletscher.com

"It is one of the earliest season openings and closes very late. It is great for training, as it delivers different levels like the medium and prime park line. You meet all pro riders here throughout the whole season. It is a glacier, so chances for snow are always pretty good and there is a separate lift just for the park."
Olya Smeshlivaya
Professional Snowboarder
Best Snowparks Europe Pro Line Award - Ridestore Magazine

Snowpark Steinplatte, Austria

Steinplatte/​Winklmoosalm – Waidring/​Reit im Winkl
Photo credit to Steinplatte Facebook

Closest Airport:  Salzburg 52km

Nearby City: Salzburg 52km

The resort Steinplatte itself is part of both Austria and Germany and lies between both territories, but from either side, you are on you will be guaranteed some fun! The 24 obstacles in the park are there to show off your creativity and daring nature, with waves, tunnels, boxes, and kickers. Everyone is welcome in this park, as there are lines dedicated to the beginners but also lines for the pros. 

They update, extend and change the park every year, so don’t get too comfortable with last year’s course. In February every year, there is a friendly competition ‘Game of Go Shred’, which is for all abilities to have a go on the park and win some prizes. 

Get to the park from the Möseralm run and can be accessed easily from the Kappellen 6-person chairlift.

Nordkette Skyline Park Innsbruck

Nordkette Skyline Park Innsbruck
Photo credit to Nordkette Skyline Park Innsbruck Facebook

Closest Airport: Innsbruck 15.5 km

Nearby City: Innsbruck 15.5 km

The Nordkette Skyline Park is the first name in Austrian Snowparks, a legacy, an institution! No park in the world can legitimately call itself a city snowpark the way The Nordkette Skyline Park can. Nestled in the heart of Innsbruck and the surrounding mountains, every feature, jump or attraction comes with the most sensational backdrop, the chocolate box chalets and historic buildings of Innsbruck, this is where the parks name originates. Imagine the photo opportunities. 

The park is home to a creative team of shapers who and striving to keep things interesting and stimulating, ensuring every visit to the park comes with new adventure and excitement. But the crown jewel has to be “Skyline-Kicker”, which is extremely recognisable in magazines and movies from the ski and snowboard world. It’s also why we simply had to award The Nordkette Skyline Park with “The Jumps” badge. 

Access couldn’t be more simple as well, take the fast 2-chair Frau Hitt Lift and lap that park all day long!

Snowpark Patscherkofel Innsbruck

Snowpark Patscherkofel Innsbruck
Photo credit to Innsbruck.Info

Closest Airport: Innsbruck 18 km

Nearby City: Innsbruck 18 km

Snowpark Patscherkofel is another epic park right in the beating heart of Innsbruck. It seems as if Innsbruck is a mecca for freeriders and freestylers alike with so many awesome parks on your doorstep and Snowpark Patscherkofel is no exception, only 18km away. 

Snowpark Patscherkofel offers everything that any snowpark rider could want plus so much more. You have all the best rails, boxes and jumps as well as the most creative zoned areas to explore. Head to the top section of the park for beginner obstacles and a chillarea with interesting hike-able elements. The middle of the park offers a great spot for more experienced riders, where they can can get creative, train and have fun on various obstacles.
The highlight has to be the forest track with rails, tubes and small hips and a short further park section form the third section and the direct connection to the middle station of the new train.

But above all else, Snowpark Patscherkofel wants to make all riders feel at home, “We just want to be more, than just a snowpark, but also a place for creative and motivated people. It’s important for us, that everybody feels good up here, no matter how old, where you come from, or how good you ride. Everybody is welcome, as long as you take care and show respect to the other.”- Snowpark Patscherkofel. 

Snowparks in France

Châtel Smoothpark, France

Châtel Smoothpark
Photo credit to Chatel Facebook

Closest Airport:  Geneva 78km

Nearby City:  Lausanne 69km

Châtel Smoothpark is in Châtel in the heart of the Portes Du Soleil and it can be accessed via the Portes Du Soleil ski chairlift or the Super Châtel Gondola. The Smoothpark can be enjoyed by those of all abilities, as it has kickers and rails ranging from greens to blacks. If you are feeling for a bit of speed and excitement, you can practice your skills on an 800m boardercross. You can spend the whole day at this park with a great atmosphere, music and a chill zone for BBQing if you fancy.

Park Avenue, Les Deux Alpes Park, France

Park Avenue, Les Deux Alpes Park, France
Photo credit to Park Avenue Facebook

Closest Airport:  Grenoble 109km

Nearby City: Grenoble 109km

The thing that makes Park Avenue in LDA stand apart, is that you can practice your kickers, rails, and freestyle any time of year; the park can be found at 3600m on the glacier in the summer months and moves down the valley in the winter to under the Toura lift, which is where you can access the park at 2600m. The park is known as a Mecca for freestylers for a reason, with plenty of boxes, rails, and wall-rides to go after. If you’re feeling confident, you may also want to try the half-pipes and superpipe to get some serious air. 

A tip from the seasoned pros of this park is that it can get crowded and the conditions can be tough, battling some ice and slush depending on the time of day, so perhaps pick a quieter time of year to give this park a try… 

If you are there for the Snowjam freestyle festival you can watch the spectacle of professional freestyle riders take on Big Air, Half Pipe, Cross, and Slopestyle.

VARSPark Vars, France

Photo credit to Vars park Facebook

Closest Airport: Marseille 242km

Nearby City: Gap 73km

Vars boasts one of the best snowparks in Europe! There are 6 freestyle areas in Vars but the best and baddest is L’Eyssina. The long park can’t be missed and easily accessed via the 2 Crevoux drag lifts. If the first 100% jib slopestyle doesn’t draw you in enough, maybe the big air, tables and rail zones will. The park is open to everyone but it’s in your interest to get good quick, as most of the park is for the advanced freestylers. Every year in January, there is a big resort festival incorporating a wide range of snow sports competitions and headlining with the FIS Ski and Snowboard Slopestyle European Cups. 

Tignes, France

Photo credit to Tignes Facebook

Closest Airport:  Geneva 220km

Nearby City: Lyon 220km

Head to Tignes for an exciting and varied snowpark. From Val Claret, it can be easily accessed by the Grattalu lift and you can keep looping the park on the Col Du Palet drag lift.

There are plenty of kickers and rails to go after but better suited to beginners and intermediates as they aren’t that big. Once you have bossed your skills in the park, ski slightly further into town and try your skills on the half-pipe and free airbag. As a bonus you can document your tricks with the ‘Shoot My Ride’ system and access all your glorious landings online- thank Swatch, the park sponsors for this great addition to your park experience.

Avoriaz Snowzone, France

Photo credit to Avoriaz 1800

Closest Airport: Geneva 95km

Nearby City: Geneva 95km

Avoriaz is the destination of choice for those who want to spend their days at the snowpark. And there is a good reasonfor that! The resort counts no less than 4 snowparks. The one that particularly caught our attention is the Stash Avoriaz, since it is the first ecological snowpark in Europe. The Stash is 100% natural, built in wood and on ungroomed slopes. Some lines are hidden in the forest and you will enjoy fluffy powder landings. The main objective of this alternative snowpark is the environmental message it promotes. And the best thing about it is that the Stash Avoriaz has its little brother not far away, the lil’ stash Avoriaz, with wooden modules designed for children and some tree houses to go explore the epic winter scenery of Avoriaz.

The other two snowparks are more classic, we advise you to try the one in La Chapelle if you have a beginner to intermediate level or to try the Arare Snowparks Avoriaz – a slopestyle type snowpark with a banked slalom, hips and XL tables – if you already have a good level.

Val Thorens, France

Val Thorens
Photo credit to Val Thorens Website

Closest Airport: Chambéry 122km

Nearby City: Geneva 168km

The VT snowpark is the dream for all abilities with 5 sections; a boardercross track and the rest are kickers at different abilities from black to green. There is also a great variety of half pipes, wall rides, and handrails. It’s safe to say you could spend the day here and put your skills to the test, especially if you have a try at the XL and XXL kickers! To get there, get yourself on the Moutière chairlift and use the Plateaux drag lift to loop the park.

Snowpark Val D’Isere, France

Nyon Snowpark Val D’Isere
Photo credit to Val D'Isere.com

Closest Airport: Chambéry 144km

Nearby City: Geneva 191km

You can easily access the snowpark in Val D’Isere from La Daille or the Olympique bubble so you can spend more time in the park and less time getting there. 

There are a whopping 40 kickers at this park, great for beginners but also 2 XL kickers and rails for those experts amongst you. Don’t miss out on the mini pipe and the double bowl that sit in the middle between the kickers. The park often holds friendly competitions throughout the season, so keep your eye out for when you can show off to everyone your legendary new skills. 

Nyon Morzine, France

nyon morzine
Photo credit to passionportesdusoleil.com

Closest Airport: Geneva 77km 

Nearby City: Geneva 77km

If you are fancying some easy and small kickers to build your confidence, then Nyon is perfect before you try out the big boy pants in neighboring Avoriaz. There a few of each size kicker from blacks to greens and similar size boxes to have a go at. It’s been found the kickers are quite narrow and the landings are short, so at least you will be encouraged to land accurately every time.

Show off your new skills and win some prizes at ‘Can’Nyon’ the weekly jam style friendly competition- you will be the talk of the town! Get your slopestyle career started by easily accessing the park from the Nyon cable car or the Troncs Express.

For the new season the park is being renamed and remodeled and there will be even more features waiting for you at the new Morzine Eagle Park. Go check it out!

Snowparks in Switzerland

Snowpark Laax, Switzerland

Photo credit to Laax Website

Closest Airport:  Zurich 147km

Nearby City: Zug 135km

If you are looking to perfect your freestyle and slopestyle skills, then Laax is a no brainer. You will find the biggest half-pipe in the world and pro kicker line for the Olympics, so you will be sure to be learning from the professionals. 4 parks are ranging from beginner level to pro-level at P60 and No Name parks. There are rails, pyramids, pipes and boxes including those Olympic size kickers. If you are feeling daring you can have a go at the superpipe. 

"Laax is one of the best terrain parks in Europe. It has four terrain parks and two halfpipes and offers incredible options from beginners to experts, different levels of rails, jumps, obstacles and boxes. It has hosted big competitions like: the Burton European Open, the Brits and the European Freeski Open."
Olya Smeshlivaya
Professional Snowboarder
Best Snowparks Europe Pro Line Award - Ridestore Magazine

Snowpark Zermatt, Switzerland

Snowpark Zermatt
Photo credit to Zermatt Facebook

Closest Airport: Geneva 234km

Nearby City: Geneva 234km

The Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is a whopping 3883m above sea level and is where you will find the Zermatt snowpark. Due to its elevation, it is open all year round. Find the park on the Theodul Glacier and access via the Furggsattel chairlift. It may take some time to get to the glacier from the town, but once you are there the views and of course the park is worth it!

Most of this park has rails, boxes, and jumps that suit the intermediate and professionals more than the beginners. There is a rail garden with 8 rails that you can go try your luck and skills on. 

If cash is a little dry one month, be sure to head to the park for one of their ‘Cash for Tricks’ events and earn some dollar for all your hard work training. And what better backdrop than the iconic Matterhorn right?

St. Moritz, Switzerland

corviglia snowpark
Photo credit to corviglia snowpark Facebook

Closest Airport: Zurich 202km

Nearby City: Vaduz 122km

The Corviglia Snowpark in St Mortiz is perfect for all abilities with kickers, rails, boxes, and wallrides to keep everyone entertained and tested for hours! The layout is curved slopes which can be great fun for families and children starting. Although this may not be the best park for the daredevils amongst us, it is great to build confidence and have fun. Make your way to the Corviglia mountain station where you can access the park. For someone who is beginning their epic career in the park, it is recommended to try the local Freestyle Ski School ‘Fresk’, with them you can improve your skills and train on airbags, trampolines, and pipes. 

Crans-Montana Snowpark, Switzerland

Crans-Montana Snowpark
Photo credit Crans Montana Facebook

Closest Airport: Sion 32km

Nearby City: Lausanne 123km

The snowpark in Crans-Montana can be found at the Cry d’Er lifts arrival station, so it is very easily accessible. The park is not for newbies or the fainthearted, as the difficulty level of the big air ramps and jibs are pretty huge. Once you have jibbed and jumped your way around the park, make sure to hit 22ft superpipe- Olympic standard.

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Photo credit to Grindelwald Facebook

Closest Airport: Zurich 152km

Nearby City: Bern 75km

The Grindelwald- First Snowpark is carefully built every season for the pleasure and excitement of all its visitors whether that be pros or beginners. There is a beginner park that can be accessed from the Oberoch chairlift and is packed full of small to medium kickers, rails and boxes to lap. Try out the airbag that is open to everyone, to nail your landings. Once you are feeling confident enough, head to Bärgelegg ski lift for some serious kickers and jibs and an integrated halfpipe. There is now a dedicated area for a superpipe to show off all your new-found skills. 

Saas Fee, Switzerland

Saas Fee
Photo credit to Saas Fee

Closest Airport: Sion 74km

Nearby City: Bern 127km

The Morenia Freestyle Park in Saas Fee is in the Morenia area. The park has two lines, one for beginners and one for seasoned pros. This means when you are starting out you will have a lot to practice on, along with various other small rails, boxes and kickers to develop your crazy skills. The experts may not have a huge amount to go after, but with kickers as tall as houses you can practice until you land perfectly. If you are there for the season, you will see the park change and develop as the weather changes, so you won’t get bored or too comfortable! 

Once you have nailed your skills over the season, get yourself ready for the Spring King Freestyle competition in April, and end the season with an award and hopefully no injuries. 

Gran Masta Park, Switzerland

Gran Masta Park
Photo credit to Gran Masta Park Facebook

Closest Airport:  Bern 60km

Nearby City: Bern 58km

The Gran Masta Park in Adelboden is one of the largest parks in Switzerland with a great variety of kickers, boxes, rails, wallrides, and corners. The park has a dedicated team to groom it each day, so the park stays in tip-top condition for you to perfect each jump and jib. Although this park is large enough to be enjoyed by all abilities, it does have more elements for the advanced freestylers. The area has lots of exciting and innovative obstacles to test all your skills and ensure you never get bored doing the same loop. Make sure to take a break in the chill-out zones and have a snack at the park cafe to warm up.

Get to this epic park from the Brenggen lift to start your snowpark adventure.

Snowparks in Italy

Mottolino Snowpark Livigno, Italy

Mottolino Snowpark Livigno
Photo credit to Mottolino Snowpark Livigno Facebook

Closest Airport:  Innsbruck 186km

Nearby City: Vaduz 116km

Mottolino Snowpark is one of the biggest and best parks in Italy. It is the host of many major freestyle and slopestyle competitions, such as the Burton European Open and the European Cup. 

What draws people to this park including Olympians such as Aimee Fuller and Billy Morgan is because of the wide range of obstacles. The park has an XL area dedicated to the professionals and seasoned riders, with kickers and rails only for the daring. There is also a large airbag to practice those landings. If you are still learning new skills, there are small and medium lines to train on. Find the park at the M’eating Point Hut and access this via the Trapelle chairlift.

"Livignos park is growing every single year and offers a perfect place to freestyle for beginners and pros from early December till late April. Especially the combination of south exposition and a fast 4 seater chairlift makes riding there even more fun. After hosting events like the Nine Knights and Legs of Steel Park shootings it’s not a surprise that the pro line is on Europa Cup level with potential for more! And don’t forget to enjoy some nice pizza on the mountain whenever you go there!"
florian Preuss is wearing mens ski jacket from Dope Snow
Flo Preuss
Professional Freeskier

Snowpark Alta Badia, Italy

Snowpark Alta Badia
Photo credit to Alta Badia Facebook

Closest Airport: Bolzano 70km

Nearby City: Bolzano 70km

When in Alta Badia in the Dolomites, you will find the epic snowpark at the Piz Sorega Plateau between the slopes La Fraina and Ciampai, which can be reached by the Ciampai-no. 9 chairlift.

There are 3 lines from beginner, intermediate and advanced, to cater for all abilities. All the lines have a range of kickers, rails, and boxes at different difficulty levels, so you can work your way from amateur to professional in no time at all. They pride themselves on the lines’ creativity and variations, so you can test your skills. 

Keep your eye out throughout the season for friendly competitions in the park.

Snowpark Seiser Alm, Italy

Snowpark Seiser Alm
Photo credit to Seiser Alm Facebook

Closest Airport: Bolzano 35km

Nearby City: Bolzano 35km

As one of the largest snow parks in the Dolomites, you will find 70 structures just for the experts. The features of this park are what made Seiser Alm top 3 Best Freestyle Resorts worldwide and once was the training ground for the Italian ski and snowboard national teams for the Winter Olympics. Although this park is famously good for its advanced features with kickers reaching 21m and obstacles, it does also have a fun line and wooden line so you can show off your creativity and style. 

In February every year, they host the Schlern Games, which is a day full of pro riders from all over the alps coming together to compete in cash for tricks events and big air competitions. The Games are of course all finished off with a BBQ and a celebration by the park.

Indian Park Cervinia Snow Park, Italy

WESnowboard Cervinia Snow Park
Photo credit to Indian Park Facebook

Closest Airport: Turin 120km

Nearby City: Aosta 55km

The Snowpark in Cervinia is found in the Plan Maison area of this epic resort and can be accessed by the Plan Maison gondola or the Fornet chairlift. The park itself is a large park with 4 acres dedicated to freestyle skiing and snowboarding. There are of course a fantastic range of boxes and rails for all abilities, with fun boxes at 2m to large boxes at 9m. This park also has kickers ranging in difficulty in heights from 2m to 16m. 

Recently the Indian Park partnered with Nitro snowboards, where Nitro will test their boards, film all their content and train their riders at the park. Keep your eye out for their sponsored riders, so you can learn from the best. All under the watchful eye of the Matterhorn, ideal for photo opportunities.

AreaEffe Pila, Italy

Photo credit to area effe Facebook

Closest Airport:  Turin 119km

Nearby City: Aosta 12km

Pila is a small resort but that doesn’t mean their park is one to be missed. This award-winning park is one of the best in the Northwest of Italy and boasts incredible groomed lines. The way the resort religiously maintains this park means it is open most of the season and can be enjoyed from first lifts until the last lifts of the day. 

Access the park and loop it all day by hopping on the Grand Grimod chairlift. The park is more of a fun park, so perhaps not sought after by the professionals. The range of kickers, rails, boxes, and obstacles are great for all abilities but perhaps are best to challenge and train the beginners than the experts. 

Snowparks in Germany

Alpspitzpark Nesselwang, Germany

Alpspitzpark Nesselwang
Photo credit to Nesselwang.com

Closest Airport: Memmingen 55km

Nearby City: Kempten 28km

This is a snowpark with a difference and is actually referred to as a ‘Street park’. You won’t just be jibbing and jumping onto wallrides and rails, but instead, you can make your way over old New York taxis or police cars. It’s a fun park where you can get creative with your tricks on the rails, kickers and wave rides. Although, the park compared to some on this list is small, it is all the better for perfecting your new skills.

You will find Nesselwang Snowpark on the Kronen run, so it can’t be missed! If you are not already tired from a day looping this park, you can enjoy it right into the evening from 6 pm-9 pm for a Floodlight Shred.

CrystalGround Oberstdorf, Germany

CrystalGround Oberstdorf
Photo credit to CrystalGround Facebook

Closest Airport: Memmingen 85km

Nearby City: Lindau 75km

The snowpark is called the Crystal Ground and is found next to the Kanzelwand lift at the base station. There are 3 lines of great kickers, rails, and boxes to jib and jump your way down the course. Although this course is not huge, it is a great place to develop your skills and learn some new tricks. The obstacles are changed every month, so it can never get too easy! Make sure to try out the weekly night opening times, illuminating the park with floodlights, for squeezing in some extra training.

Snowpark Feldberg powered by Testo and Gisinger Bau, Germany

Snowpark Feldberg,
Photo credit to Snowpark Feldberg Facebook

Closest Airport: Basel 68km

Nearby City: Freiburg 45km

The Feldberg snowpark is found below the Seebuck chairlift in the Black Forest area in Germany. There are various exciting and creative features such as 10m flat rails, wallrides, and a hefty 9m kicker. The park is sponsored by Testo and Geisinger Immoblien so you can expect a very well maintained obstacles and optimum conditions for your crazy tricks.

If you are a beginner, then there is an easier line for you to take at the upper part of the park, and in no time you will be jumping as high as the rest of the professionals further down.  

Get training and keep your eye out for fun and friendly competitions throughout the season.

Spitzingsee Snowpark, Germany

Spitzingsee Snowpark
Photo credit to Spitzingsee Snowpark Facebook

Closest Airport: Munich 94km

Nearby City: Munich 94km

Spitzingsee-Tegernsee lies just an hour’s drive south of  Munich, nestled in the heart of the stunning Bavarian mountains. Spitzingsee-Tegernsee’s latest addition is the awesome new snow park at the Lower Firstalm. Small kickers, boxes and a wave track offer fun for both the young and the young at heart, whether on one or two planks. The new snowpark replaces the previous snow park and is also suitable for less experienced freestylers meaning everyone is welcome. 

Although beginners will find a relaxed and dun environment in which to progress, it’s also why we awarded this park the “beginner badge” but avid riders can also find a challenge with a range of table top kickers and a super fun 12m roller box!

Snowparks Sweden

Kläppen, Sweden

Photo credit to Klappen Facebook

Closest Airport: Mora-Siljan 87 km

Nearby City: Oslo 270km

Kläppen is actually home to 3 snowparks. Starting with the Junior Snowpark (green) this is the perfect spot to build skills and warm up. When you have mastered the green line, head to the Blue line, here you will find jumps and rails that are a bit more difficult, but a good step to advance a bit more before going up to the elusive big park – AKA Kläppen Snowpark. In the pro park, you’ll find two well looked after lines, one red and one black as well as a much-loved half pipe located on riders left. You are guaranteed to bump into the Swedish national teams in snowboarding and freeskiing too! 

Åre, Sweden

Photo Credit to Åre Facebook

Closest Airport: Östersund Åre 87km

Nearby City: Åre 

Åre is a famous and much-loved park offering different lines of varying difficulty levels. The famous black proline is always super well prepared with a beautiful view of the lake making it the best spot in the area for Instagram opportunities. Of course with the park being in Sweden, in the North of Europe, the landing conditions can be icier early morning with more hard snow can soft spring landings. It’s something to keep in mind when planning your features and being ready for different conditions. However Sweden is the home of convenience, don’t miss the Snow Park Hangout, an activity house with WiFi, charging stations and soft “hangout” facilities. The park is also illuminated at night which is magical. 

Jumps Badge 220

Tandådalen Big Air Arena, Sweden

Tandådalen/​Hundfjället (Sälen)
Photo crredit to Tandådalen Facebook

Closest Airport: Mora–Siljan Airport 111km

Nearby City: Oslo 220km

There are 2 awesome parks in Tandadålen but we love Big Air Arena in Tandådalen. It’s even home to one of Jon Olsson’s favorite jumps which is an official seal of approval. 

Big Air Arena is thoughtfully built up with a small stepdown and allowing generous height and airtime. It’s the ideal venue for all double flippers if you are feeling up to it, and for those of you who like big air. The plateau is 13-14 m, while the landing is large and nice and steep to minimize risk. This jump is ideal for the pros or the well-experienced rider, that’s why it’s known as the black line. Big Air Arena is on the skiers left of the Pair lifts.

Idre Fjäll, Sweden

Idre Fjäll
Photo credit to Idre Fjäll Facebook

Closest Airport: Mora–Siljan 8km

Nearby City: Oslo 338km

Parents will hate Idre Fjäll as they simply won’t be able to drag kids away from this fun park and riders are less likely to experience the resort of the mountain and the park is awesome. There are 4 basic lines that vary in difficulty; green (easiest) then blue, followed by red and finally black (most difficult). Find your favorite then build your skills and confidence on the variety of boxes, rails, and jumps.

Snowparks in Norway

Snowpark Vierli, Norway

Snowpark Vierli
Photo credit to Snowpark Vierli Facebook

Closest Airport:  Oslo 229km

Nearby City: Oslo 213km

Vierli Terrain Park is one of Norway’s best terrain parks home to between 18-20 rails and jumps, big jumps and park features. They also have a longer season than most which means more chance to ride this cool park. The terrain park is 1000m up the mountain and optimal location provides excellent snow conditions running from opening all the way to Easter and close of season. The park’s employees aim to continuously develop, build and maintain the park in collaboration with athletes in order to ensure plenty of happy riders, and a chance to constantly improve. This season’s park builder is the wonderful Lukas Vesely, who is in his fourth season as park manager at Vierli. Clint Butcher from the amazing Shapecrew will pay a visit Vierli during the season to build a park alongside Lukas and the team.

Oslo Vinterpark – Tryvann, Norway

Oslo Vinterpark – Tryvann
Photo credit to Oslo Vinterpark Facebook

Closest Airport: Olso 60km 

Nearby City: Olso 15km

Olso Vinterpark is a paradise in the hidden forest, giving you the feeling of being away from the hustle and bustle of the slopes and in your own freestyle world. Built with imaginative routes where riders of all ages and abilities, from the beginner freestylers to the seasoned professionals, everyone will come away with a smile on their faces! Of course, they have a blue, red and proline but don’t miss out on the rails, many of which were used in the Snowboard World Championship 2012.

Hemsedal, Norway

Photo credit to Hemsedal Facebook

Closest Airport: Oslo 213km

Nearby City: Olso 201km

Hemsedal is actually home to 4 parks, offering an ideal spot of whatever your heart desires (freestyle wise of course). Head to the Snow Park red (Hemsedalparken) for red and black jumps and several large rail elements. Located on piste 22, take the Hollvin Express (lift E), or Holdeskarheisen (lift F) + Olaheisen (lift K). For more boxes, rails and imaginative features, head to Snow Park blue. 

The parks on piste 33 via chair lift Hollvin Ekspress (lift) or Holdeskarheisen (lift) and Olaheisen (lift). You will also notice the fun Panorama park for all the standard stuff and the mini-park for all you smaller riders!

Snowparks in Bulgaria

Bansko Snow Park, Bulgaria

Photo credit to Bansko Facebook

Closest Airport: Sofia 161km

Nearby City: Plovdiv 149km

Bansko snow park is home to 2 jumps, a medium kicker and a small kicker. You will also find expertly built boxes and rails of varying difficulties. Bansko considered the most famous ski area in Bulgaria as well as the busiest but the park isn’t as big as one may expect, yet it’s intimate and fun, a great place for a little shred to shake things up after piste riding. 

Borovets Snow Park, Bulgaria

Photo credit to Borovets Facebook

Closest Airport: Sofia 78km

Nearby City: Sofia 78km

Borovets snowpark is located at the “side” of Popangelov ski slope, making it the perfect spot to swing by for a lap or 2. Borovets Snowpark is now the home of freestyle in Bulgaria with 4 difficulty levels plus a super fast and efficient life offering access to the park. Ideal for intermediate riders, you will find flat boxes, rails, kickers and plenty of other fun features. The Snow Park is very well equipped with Wi-Fi so you can share all the best shots directly to social media. 

Snowparks in Spain

Snowpark Formigal, Spain

Photo credit to Formigal Facebook

Closest Airport: Huesca 104km

Nearby City: Zaragoza 159km

Whether you are making your first ever attempts to ride rails or executing spectacular jumps in the big air, in Formigal you’ll find your place, somewhere to flex your freestyle muscles. The park is pretty big for a lesser-known resort, showing how much the locals love their park, coming in at a whopping 90000Sqm, with over 40 different features spanning 3 levels. Watch out for competitions, camps or equipment samples held by massive brands such as Head, Burton or Oakley, amongst others.

Snowpark Sulayr Sierra Nevada, Spain

Snowpark Sulayr Sierra Nevada
Photo credit to Sulayr Facebook

Closest Airport: Granada-Jaén 59km

Nearby City: Granada 38km

Snowpark Sulayr is now the largest and best-equipped snowpark in Spain. Offering something for all levels, with perfectly designed and signposted jumping lines and jibs ensuring every experience in the park is safe, fun and easy to navigate. Locals and tourists alike love the fact that Sulayr is home to the largest permanent Halfpipe in Spain. You can enjoy over 2km of features and fun, making it the longest trail in Spain too! 

Snowparks in Andorra

Snowpark El Tarter, Andorra

Photo credit to El Tarter Facebook

Closest Airport: Barcelona 202km

Nearby City: Barcelona 202km

The stunning Snowpark El Tarter is one of the first snowparks in the Iberian Peninsula. Over time, it has evolved to offer long and expanding routes with an area for all skier and snowboarders. The SnowPark itself is huge, measuring a whopping length of 1.3 km allowing every rider to find their spot to grow, progress and enjoy. Keep your eyes peeled for Freestyle Camps and top-level international competitions such as the Grandvalira Total Fight. 

Vallnord-Pal Arinsal Snowpark, Andorra

Vallnord-Pal Arinsal
Photo credit to Vallnord Snowparks Facebook

Closest Airport:  Barcelona 210km

Nearby City: Barcelona 210km

Vallnord-Pal Arinsal snowpark is calling you freestyler. The park does indeed boast a variety of features but this park if for beginner and intermediate levels of big air. Once you caught the jump-bug, head to Vallnord-Pal Arinsal to practice and experience the freedom. The park is divided into 3 areas, the first of which being the beginners’ area, which has just 5 boxes and three mini jumps. The second area, home to a higher level of difficulty, for those who have already been initiated in the world of freestyle, the second area is an intermediate level and the perfect place for those who want a challenging adventure. 

“Finally, if you’ve already mastered the technique and are looking to perfect your style, the experts’ area is for you! You’ll have to negotiate a total of 6 jumps of between 10 and 18 meters, distributed over the 3 hills of the circuit, as well as a whole set of complicated jibs. You’ll feel like a real professional!”- visitandorra.com

Wrapping Up

We hope that you found this list helpful and that you now feel more confident in which Snowparks are out there and how to choose your next ideal park destination suited to your skills.

It is always hard and in the end, it is your own preferences and likings that will decide the ideal park for you. But we all appreciate a good list, full of useful info!

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