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As we begin to come out of holiday hibernation mode and get stoked to head to the slopes, we can't help but start planning. It's as if the anticipation, the build-up and planning itself is part of the fun of a ski holiday.

That's why it's always good to head out to a resort, armed with a loose plan, plenty of info and knowledge. Even if that simply extends to getting booked into a ski school. Either way, getting your mountain legs back is a daunting task; So why not get planning before you leave to discover which ski and snowboard school in Austria is going to help you hit the slopes stronger and better than ever?

We aren't talking about the big ski schools here, we are talking about the best up and coming ski schools in Austria that offer something a little different.


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How to choose the best ski school in Austria

How do you even begin to select a ski school? Of course, when you do your pre-holiday research, google gives you the biggest and most famous ski schools in the country. However, sometimes it’s cool to not only support more local and smaller businesses but also to head to a school that offers a niche service. 

Perhaps you want freeriding tuition? Maybe you want to hard boot snowboard or go carve boarding? The one that’s dead vintage, you know what we mean! Either way, some of the smaller schools offer services at a competitive rate and with dedicated and committed instructors.

how to choose the best ski school in austria

Well, don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered! We thought, why not create a guide to the best up and coming ski schools in Austria across the most popular resorts and in some of the smaller ones. 

You can start your Austrian ski school search here before deciding on the right school for you and your friends. We have simply scratched the surface! If there are some schools that you liked that we haven’t mentioned. Why not let us know?

Top ski & snowboard schools in Austria

Let’s travel across the Austrian Alps and discover what makes each ski and snowboard school unique. From St Anton to Zell am See and everywhere in between, get ready to take the slopes by storm this season and become the best rider we can be! Click below to head directly to the resort or ski school of your choice, otherwise, grab a cosy hot chocolate and discover for yourself.


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Ski & Snowboard, Off piste guiding

Ski School Office Location:

Salzmannstraße 1, 5700 Zell am See, Austria

What makes – freeride guiding in Austria unique?  

Off is the home of freeriding in Austria. Their amazing team offer freeride guiding in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Fieberbrunn, Kaprun, Kitzbühel, Maria Alm, Gastein, Weißsee and Zell am See. They can organise everything from guiding, equipment, groups, individuals and the genuine sharing of wisdom, skills and knowledge of the mountains. Their aim is to make everyone feel comfortable on the hill but in a safe and prepared way!
“We show you the best runs in Salzburg and eastern Tirol. The local ski and mountain guides know the best spots and make sure that your off piste adventure is as save as possible. Our philosophy is simple. We ride where the snow is best and try to give full service. Let us know your ideas concerning our off piste day. If you need some information on accommodation or equipment we will gladly help you..”​

Snow Academy

Photo Credit to Snow Academy Facebook


Ski and Snowboard

Ski School Office Location: 

Jakob Eder, Dorfplatz 533, 5753 Saalbach 

What makes snow academy unique?  

Skischule Academy is unique because it caters to all abilities and all nationalities. There will be no language barrier between any instructor and student. They have instructors that speak languages all around the world, which is perfect for those coming from afar to visit the beautiful mountains of Saalbach and try an exciting snowsport.

Snow Academy
“Build your confidence and explore the mountains with our pros. Go one-on-one or make a group with family or friends of similar ability. You can select private pros by specific languages, gender and certification level. Make Kilometers, get attention and value.”​

Snow and Fun Hinterglemm

Photo Credit to Snow and Fun Facebook


Ski and Snowboard

Ski School Office Location: 

Dorfstabe 204, 5754 Hinterglemm

What makes snow and fun Hinterglemm unique?

Snow and Fun caters to everyone and mostly importantly to those with disabilities. Skiing or boarding should be for everyone and everyone should be given the opportunity to try. To make the process even easier, they offer state of the art equipment, so you are in safe hands.

Snow and Fun Hinterglemm
And the motto can only be: “Nothing exists that doesn’t exist at Snow & Fun.”​

Skischule Easy Ski

Photo Credit to Skischule Easy Ski Facebook


Ski and Snowboard

Ski School Office Location: 

Panholzer & Bachmann GesbR Oberdorf 271, 5753 Saalbach

What makes Skischule Easy Ski unique?  

Easy Ski School specialises in private ski lessons. Although, this tends to be the more expensive option when learning to ski or board, but it is also the best choice. They know by dedicating more time to fewer students, the students will progress and become more confident faster. It also means each lesson can be tailored to you, your strengths and what you enjoy, so you will be definitely getting the most for your money.

Snow and Fun
"You’re right to choose us, when you expect quality, competence, and friendliness."


Element3 Skischule

Photo Credit to Element3 Skischule Facebook


Ski, Snowboard, Freeride, Cross-country 

Ski School Office Location: 

Klostergasse 8, 6370 Kitzbühel

What makes Element3 Skischule unique?  

Element 3 love to express how they are a ski school with a difference. They pride themselves on their passion and expertise in instructing and the mountains of Kitzbühel. There is nothing better than learning to ride on the best pistes, the quietest tree runs all with the best snow. 

If you love the ski school you want more than just a lesson, you can come back and go train and work for them in their very own E3 ski academy, where you can become a great instructor just like the one who taught you. 

Element3 Ski Schule
"Water, earth, air... these are our 3 elements - regardless of their aggregate state. (Half) frozen water for example we prefer white and flaky in the form of cool snow crystals…"

Snowsports Kitzbühel

Photo Credit to Snowsports Kitzbuhel Facebook


Ski, Snowboard, Ski Touring, Freeriding 

Ski School Office Location: 

Josef-Pirchl-Straße 26c, 6370 Kitzbühel

What makes Snowsports Kitzbühel unique?  

This ski school does things with a twist, it’s not just a ski school where you go learn new skills and call it a day. They provide the opportunity for you to test out your new skills with a ski race event. Whether there are 2 of you going head to head or a whole crew, you can race and then celebrate with apres and a feast in a mountain hut, a truly unforgettable experience.

Snowsports Kitzbühel
"To make sure to offer the best possible service for everyone – kids, sport freaks or people who just want to enjoy – our programmes and lessons are designed to meet our guests special wishes and needs!"

Skischule Kitzbühel - Rote Teufel

Photo Credit to Skischule Kitzbühel Facebook


Ski, Snowboard, Race School 

Ski School Office Location: 

Skischule Rote Teufel, Josef Herold Straße 23, 6370 Kitzbühel

What makes Skischule Rote Teufel – Kitzbühel unique?  

What better expertise do you need for progressing your ski and snowboard skills, than instructors who can teach a ski race team. The fact there are instructors that can coach their very own team, means you are getting taught by those who can teach professional skiers. They also encourage you and your group to have a big celebration after a course and show off all you have learnt with your own race. What a great way to make the most of your holiday than having a medal to show for it!

Skischule Rote Teufel - Kitzbühel
"For almost 80 years, our ski instructors, who are renowned world-wide as the “Red Devils”, have been streaking across the slopes of our broad-ranging ski area."

Ski School Reith

Photo Credit to Ski School Reith


Ski, snowboard and cross-country

Ski School Office Location: 

Kirchweg 7, A-6370 Reith bei Kitzbühel

What makes Ski School Reith unique?  

Reith is Kitzbühels lesser known neighbour but the perfect place to advance your skiing skills. You will certainly be in good hands with Ski School Reith. They even have snowmaking equipment which guarantees skiing enjoyment, no matter the prevailing snow conditions. They even have a set up for pros. Head to nearby Kitzbühel and have their talented instructors show you around and how to tackle some of Europe’s most challenging slopes. 

Ski School Reith
"Up to 150 certified ski, snowboard and cross-country instructors are ready and willing to share their expertise, joy and all the fun of skiing, boarding, cross-country and snowshoeing with you."


Skischule SNOWLINES Sölden

Photo Credit to Skischule SNOWLINES Sölden Facebook


Ski, Snowboard, Freeride, Ski Touring, Racing 

Ski School Office Location:

Dorfstrasse, 98A – 6450, Sölden 

What makes Skischule SNOWLINES Sölden unique?

Snowlines offers private lessons in skiing and snowboarding, but not just for on-piste and beginners. You can have private 1on1 lessons with the experts in freeriding and snow touring. The beauty of private lessons for the expert skiers is so that you can improve on the finer details of your techniques. The private lessons will also ensure when going on a backcountry adventure, that you are in the safest hands.

Skischule SNOWLINES Sölden
"We are specialized in professional private lessons in our customers native language. Make use of these advantages and enjoy your light hearted-holidays."

Skischule Ötztal Sölden - Ski- und Bikeschule

Photo Credit to Skischule Ötztal Sölden - Ski- und Bikeschule Facebook


Ski, Snowboard, Off-piste, Race

Ski School Office Location: 

Skischule Ötztal, Dorfstraße 34, A- 6450 Sölden

What makes Skischule Ötztal Sölden – Ski- und Bikeschule unique?  

This ski school in Sölden is unique because it is a very large ski school. The school has over 60 instructors and counting, which means there is the right instructor for everyone. They will be able to offer an instructor that suits the individual from their ski/ snowboard style and level to the language they speak.

Skischule Ötztal Sölden - Ski- und Bikeschule​
"Whether you are a beginner and you're on skis or on snowboard for the first time, or you're a skilled skier who wants to regain safety and self-consciousness, or even if you want to achieve a professional level - here you are definitely at the right place."

Sun Up Sölden

Photo Credit to Sun up Facebook


Ski, Snowboard

Ski School Office Location: 

Yellow Power, Dorfstrasse 1, 6450 Sölden

What makes Sun up unique?  

The Yellow Power ski school is part of the Sun Up premium sports equipment shop, where you can hire the best ski and snowboard gear in the resort. The ski school provides ‘all in’ packages where you hire from their shop and book their lessons, giving you access to the best equipment for safety and to progress your technique, whilst being taught by pros.

Sun up​ Sölden
"The authentic motto of our ski school and the team guided by Herbert Gurschler, head of the ski school in Sölden, stands for flexibility, skills, expertise, passion and dynamics when it comes to all types of winter sports."

St Anton

New Generation Ski & Snowboard School



Ski and Snowboard

Ski School Office Location: 

New Generation Skischule, Dorfstraße 56, 6580, St. Anton am Arlberg

What makes New Generation Ski & Snowboard School – St Anton unique?  

New Gen is a ski school that spans across the whole of the alps, and came to St Anton in 2016. They have paved a path for ski schools bringing a young and fresh vibe. Most of the instructors are young and newly qualified which doesn’t mean inexperienced, but instead they will bring an exciting and new way of teaching.

New Generation Ski & Snowboard School​
"After opening our St Anton Ski & Snowboard School in winter 2016, we’re still the new kid on the block. But we don’t mind doing something different to everyone else. In fact, we quite like it."

ABC Boardriders

Photo Credit to ABC Boardriders Facebook


Snowboarding, Heli-boarding, Off-piste

Ski School Office Location: 

Dorfstraße 57, 6580 St. Anton am Arlberg

What makes ABC Boardriders unique?  

ABC Boardriders is unique because it is a school dedicated to snowboarding, which is a rarity in the alps. This means as a first timer or a seasoned boarder, either way you are getting a team of dedicated instructors who specialise in snowboard instruction. The instructors will have a passion for boarding which will be passed on to you and make your lesson even more special.

ABC Boardriders​
"Snowboard Lessons onpiste, offpiste powder snowboarding, heliboarding or kids snowboard lessons, we are sure this winter is gonna bring super conditions for our adventures!."

Ski School St Anton

Photo Credit to Ski school St Anton Facebook


Ski and Snowboard

Ski School Office Location:

Kandaharweg 10, 6580 St. Anton

What makes Ski School St Anton unique?  

Ski school St Anton are the snowboard aficionados! If you want snowboard tuition, these are the guys to ask! They teach all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced and off-piste. However they give special attention to “snowboard youngsters”. With care, fun and action they will quickly progress to snowboard stars and conquer the Park. 

Ski School St Anton
"For an intensive and personal lesson, our private instructors are at your disposal every day of the week."

Bad Gastein

Angerer Alpin and Ski School

Photo Credit to Angerer Alpin and ski school Facebook


Ski, Snowboard, Freeride, Cross Country, Ski Touring, Snowshoeing.  

Ski School Office Location: 

Bergbahnstraße 42, 5632 Dorfgastein, Austria

What makes Angerer Alpin and ski school unique?  

The beauty of Angerer ski school is the diversity of their lessons; they do have instructors and classes to suit everyone from baby beginners to freeriders looking to explore the best lines. What this means is whether you are just starting or a seasoned pro, there is always a chance to learn more so you can make the most out of your holiday. Bad Gastein is interconnected to the Dorfgastein-Großarl Valley, so with Angerer, you can explore the very best areas with the instructors who know it best.

Angerer Alpin and Ski School​
"Our ski instructors and snow sports instructors teach all common snow sport and winter sports activities with a lot of expertise, decades of experience and enthusiasm for winter sports, or perfect your technique on the ski slope and terrain."

Freeride Gastein

Photo Credit To Freeride Gastein Facebook


Skiing and Freeride 

Ski School Office Location: 

Freeride Gastein, (directly at Sport Schober), Stubnerkogelstr. 21, 5640 Bad Gastein

What makes Freeride Gastein unique?  

This is a ski school with a difference; Freeride Gastein specialises in freeride instructing in Bad Gastein- it’s all in the name. They will teach you from the very beginning of your freeride career, from the first ski onto the fresh untouched powder to your first avalanche safety training. They will get you up and cruising the blissful snow with the best techniques in no time. 

Once you are feeling confident, you can enjoy open group lessons where you can meet likeminded freeriders and explore the best spots in the valley. 

Freeride Gastein does not forget about those who want to ace their technique on the slopes before venturing off the pistes, so they do also offer piste ski lessons. All of their lessons, whether that be on or off the piste, are run with safety first in mind, so you can ski in the peaceful knowledge that you are in the best hands. 

Freeride Gastein​
"Freeride Gastein offers unforgettable deep snow experiences in and around the Gastein valley. Would you like to take your first turns on the slopes in peace, or would you like to take the first tracks into the deep snow with a private guide? There is something for everyone in our ski school."

Snowsports Gastein

Photo Credit To Snowsports Gastein Facebook


Ski, Snowboard, Ski Touring, Freeride 

Ski School Office Location: 

Grillparzerstraße 2 in First Descent, 5640 Bad Gastein, Austria

What makes Snowsports Gastein unique?  

Snowsports Gastein is unique because of its variety of lessons all with expert instructors. They offer a range of skiing for first-timers to hardcore freeriders looking for the best lines. They pride themselves on having the very best instructors who keep up to date with the latest techniques, teaching skills and resort knowledge, which helps you get the most for your money.

Snowsports Gastein​
"Michael Briewasser founded snowsports Gastein in 2010. Through his many years of ski school experience, he brings the best prerequisites with. Because of continuous training at the sector "wintersports ", we are always up to date with the newest technique."


Alpincenter Lech

Photo Credit to Alpincenter Lech Facebook


Ski, Snowboard, Cross-country, Mountain Guide, Snowshoeing. 

Ski School Office Location: 

Skischule Omeshorn Alpincenter GmbH, Tannberg 443

What makes Alpincenter Lech unique?  

There is a wide range of lessons for all abilities and for all types of winter sports. Their expertise is showcased in private and small lessons so you can make the most of your holiday and progress as much as possible. The smaller the group, the more you can experience the slopes of Lech and perfect the smaller details to ensure the best technique. All of which is best experienced instructed by Alpincenter. 

Alpincenter Lech​
"We offer safety, fun, memorable experiences and great learning. Even if you have good skiing, carving, snowboarding or telemarking, with us you can expand your borders, your style and new dimensions in winter sports to discover. Team spirit distinguishes us from."

Fun and Snow Lech

Photo Credit to Fun and Snow Facebook


Ski and Snowboard

Ski School Office Location: 

Strass 614, 6764 Lech, Austria

What makes Fun and Snow Lech unique?  

Fun and Snow Lech are here to offer you the best possible mountain experience. In a stress free, pressure free and fun filled environment, Fun and Snow will ensure the highest level tuition for any and all levels. With a whole host of glowing reviews from previous guests, you know you are in great hands for ski and snowboard tuition and guiding. 

Fun and Snow Lech​
"Nothing is more valuable than to have someone who you know and who can realize your holiday wishes. You tell us what you wanna learn and the ski instructor and ski guide choose from the complete program the right exercises and hints. You benefit down the line."


Mayrhofen 3000 Ski School

Photo Credit to Mayrhofen 3000 Ski School


Ski, Snowboard 

Ski School Office Location: 

Hauptstraße 455, A – 6290 Mayrhofen

What makes Mayrhofen 3000 Ski School unique?  

Mayrhofen 3000 has instructions and lessons for all abilities, from the first time you put on a board or ski to freestyle lessons. Not many schools give you the opportunity to develop new skills in the park but this school gives you the chance. Freestyle riding will boost your confidence on the mountain and give you techniques that can help you quickly progress, all in the safe hands of the experts. Being taught how to safely take off and land a jump can keep be the difference between a trip to the ski hospital or not.

Mayrhofen 3000 Ski School​
"Ski school Mayrhofen 3000, a name that stands for a young, dynamic team. Our ski instructors know this region like the backs of their hands, all superbly trained and highly motivated to help make your vacation into a truly special experience. The greatest success in the shortest possible time – Ski School Mayrhofen 3000 is your guarantee!"

Ski Pro Austria Mayrhofen

Photo Credit to Ski Pro Austria Facebook


Ski and Snowboard

Ski School Office Location:

Hauptstraße 454, 6290 Mayrhofen

What makes Ski Pro Austria Mayrhofen unique?  

Ski Pro Austria is a unique school and stands out from the crowd of other schools, this is why it has been consistently recognised with awards such as ‘Ski School Of The Year’ and the innovation price. The innovation price means it’s creative in the way it has taught children to become incredible skiers and boarders. This innovation will be reflected in the rest of the school and the instructors, ensuring your lessons are fun, entertaining and exciting.

Ski Pro Mayrhofen​
"SKI PRO AUSTRIA, THE Ski & Snowboard School in Mayrhofen in the Zillervalley, is known for its outstanding reputation, & over a number of years has been named as the ´Ski school of the Year`. The Childrens Skischool has also been commended for its innovation & service by the Internationally renowned ´Ski Area Test`."

Zell Am See

Outdo - Ski & Snowboard School

Photo Credit to Outdo - Ski & Snowboard School - Zell am Facebook


Ski and Snowboard

Ski School Office Location: 

Schmittenstrasse 8, 5700 Zell Am See

What makes Ski School St Anton unique?  

Outdo Ski and Snowboard school is a large school based in Zell Am See. Due to the size of the school you will be sure to find an instructor that will suit you, your needs, ability and teaching type. There are also enough instructors to cater to everyone, even during the peak season when lessons get booked up. 

Outdo - Ski & Snowboard School - Zell am​ See
"For the more daring we have black slopes and if you desire, we can give you a little powder taster. So if you feel tempted please do not hesitate to book an adventure of a lifetime."

Sport Alpin

Photo Credit to Sport Alpin Facebook


Ski and Snowboard

Ski School Office Location: 

Gartenstraße 4, 5700 Zell am See, Austria

What makes Sport Alpin unique?  

Sport Alpin dedicates a lot of their lessons to beginners. They have ongoing week long ski and snowboard schools for adults and kids alike, so you can start your holiday learning with those at the same level as you, and enjoy spending the week developing and progressing together. The best thing about snowsports is how inclusive it is, so you progress faster when you are surrounded by others.

Sport Alpin​
"Private skiing lessons provide the most intensive and efficient way to make perfect progress concerning style, technique and pleasure!"


Alpin Schischule

Photo Credit to Alpin Schischule Facebook


Ski and Snowboard

Ski School Office Location: 

Mutterberg 2, Bergstation Gamsgarten, Stubaier Gletscher, 6167 Neustift im Stubaital

What makes Alpin Schischule unique?  

Stubai is an incredible resort, with plenty of challenging slopes, off piste and areas best suited to beginners. By far and away the best way to explore these pistes is under the watchful eye of an expert instructor. One who will help you build your confidence in a friendly way while pushing you in a structured learning environment. This is exactly what you are going to get when taking lessons with Alpin Schischule. There is a lesson, program and instructor bespoke for you. Why not discover for yourself?

Alpin Schischule​
"If you would like to spend your winter holidays in the Stubai valley, then our Ski School at the Stubai glacier is the right choice for you. Thanks to our competent and friendly ski & snowboard instructors and their popularity with our guests, the Alpin Ski School Neustift has successfully operated for 12 years in the Stubai mountains."

Ski & Snowboard School Neustift Olympia

Photo Credit Ski & Snowboard School Neustift Olympia Facebook


Ski and Snowboard

Ski School Office Location: 

Dorf 25, 6167 Neustift im Stubaital

What makes Ski & Snowboard School Neustift Olympia unique?  

Discover the joy of skiing in a safe environment that emphasizes technique, skill and fun. This ski school is home to a plethora of dedicated and focused groups of instructors of all ages. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced skier looking to explore and enjoy Stubai, Ski & Snowboard School Neustift Olympia is the perfect place to go. 

Ski & Snowboard School Neustift Olympia​
"Welcome to the ski and snowboard school Neustift Olympia! We ski instructors are happy to teach you the fun and the joy of skiing and snowboarding and many other winter sports, and thus your Safety and driving technique to improve."


Skischule Söll

Photo Credit to Skischule Soll Facebook


Ski, Snowboard, Offpiste, Childcare 

Ski School Office Location: 

Skischule Söll-Hochsöll, Embacher, Stampfanger 6, 6306 Söll

What makes Skischule Söll unique?  

The ski school in Söll caters to families learning to ski. Like many schools they have group lessons for families, ski schools for kids and private lessons. What makes them unique is they also have childcare, so that whilst you are on the mountain venturing on the black slopes or off piste, you can also be in the knowledge that the little ones will be taken care of. You are able to unwind and make the most of your holiday. 

Mountain Mind

Photo Credit to Mountain Mind Facebook


Ski, Freeride, Ski Touring

Ski School Office Location: 

Dorf 133, 6306 Söll

What makes Mountain Mind unique?  

This school is unique because they make a point of trying to suit the lesson exactly to your ability and experience on the mountain. For your lesson, they ask you exactly your level of ability and also what it is you would like to learn or progress in. For example, you may be an intermediate skier who wants to improve on your technique specifically for black runs- they got you covered! Don’t waste your time or your money on a lesson or an instructor that doesn’t suit you and your needs.

Skischule Söll​
"Learning to ski safely and in the right environment means that your course will sure to be an unforgettable experience."


Ski School Alpinsport Obergurgl

Photo Credit to Ski School Alpinsport Obergurgl Facebook


Ski and Snowboard

Ski School Office Location: 

6456 Obergurgl, Gurglerstrasse 114

What makes Ski School Alpinsport unique?  

Their professional ski instructors in Obergurgl make your holidays truly unforgettable. The ski school Alpinsport offers high quality, professional snow-sports education for children from 3 years upwards and adults. Experience the sheer joy of riding in whatever form with this team of friendly, dedicated and experiences instructors! 

Ski School Alpinsport​
"Your ski school in Obergurgl. Whether you're looking for a private ski instructor or even for the entire family, Ski school Alpinsport Obergurgl is the right choice."


Skischule Kühtai

Photo Credit to Skischule Kuhtai Facebook


Ski, Snowboard, Racing, Ski Touring

Ski School Office Location: 

Kühtaicenter Nr. 48, 6183 Kühtai 

What makes Skischule Kühtai unique?  

Skischule Kühtai makes the most of the mountain region being a heaven for ski touring. They provide lessons for those of most abilities and guide people to best spots whilst teaching them great techniques which will make the challenging sport more enjoyable.

Skischule Kühtai​
"Kühtai, situated in the heart of the Stubaier Alps, is a touring paradise - wonderful summits and fantastic descents attract people from all over the world."


Krallinger Ski School

Photo Credit to Krallinger Ski School Facebook


Ski and Snowboard

Ski School Office Location: 

Römerstaße 73, 5562 Obertauern

What makes Krallinger Ski School unique?  

What Makes Krallinger Ski School Unique? Krallinger follows by the motto that learning to ski or snowboard should be fun, and this couldn’t be more true. By following this motto they make sure all their lessons are fun, entertaining but also informative so that you learn and progress quickly. If you’re enjoying the lesson, the people around you and the instructor, you won’t feel so intimidated learning a new skill. 

Krallinger Ski School​
"True to our motto we make sure that learning to ski is fun! Quick & safe learning, improving or bringing to perfection. Our best educated ski- and snowboard instructors offer you personal coaching in small groups in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere (under the motto "learning by playing") and the particularly competent know-how of authorized ski and snowboard instructors."


Tiroler Skischule Sport Aktiv Seefeld

Photo Credit to Tiroler Skischule Sport Aktiv Seefeld Facebook


Ski, Snowboard, Telemark

Ski School Office Location: 

Gschwandtkopf 702, 6100 Seefeld in Tirol

What makes Tiroler Skischule Sport Aktiv Seefeld unique?  

Are you planning a trip in a group or are you looking for private lessons? For children and adults alike, beginners and pros, everyone is well looked after at Tiroler Ski Schule Sport Aktiv. The SPORT AKTIV Ski School is a young, dynamic and customer-orientated team of snow sport instructors. Whether for skiing, cross country, snowboarding or other activities, they are your contact with expertise in the stunning Olympiaregion Seefeld.

Tiroler Skischule Sport Aktiv Seefeld​
"In our ski school during the winter months we offer you a comprehensive programme of group and private instruction. Caring for the children and young people in our children’s ski school is of vital concern to us. We would be delighted to welcome you in the near future in the Olympiaregion Seefeld."

Bad Kleinkircheim

Ski School Krainer

Photo Credit to Ski School Krainer Facebook


Ski, Snowboard, Snowshoeing, Snowbiking 

Ski School Office Location:

Maibrunnenweg 11, 9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim

What makes Ski School Krainer unique?  

There are some great merits to learning your favourite winter sport at the Ski School Krainer. Firstly, they know their skills, instructors and lessons are strong enough that they offer a free trial for group lessons before you commit to a set of lessons. Once on a course, you are taken on an exciting journey and on completion, you can test out your new techniques and bring out your competitive nature with a final race. There is nothing like the element of competition to push you out of your comfort zone. 

Ski School Krainer​
"Forget the chaos, stress and constant din of traffic. Relax while enjoying the most beautiful outdoor experience of Austria."

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Hey Riders, note from your gal Angelica here. All information was correct at the time of writing through research and extensive knowledge of skiing in Austria and working with various ski schools, however, things change during different periods in the season and some websites offer out of date information. However, maybe you have some better information to offer or any addendum or changes to make, in which case, feel free to email me on, and we can consider adding them in!  Maybe you have used one of these ski schools before of have something else to mention? Let me know. . .