Top 101 Travel Instagrammers - The Ultimate List You Have To Follow

Why do we crave adventure so much? What motivates us? Is it the desire to explore, discover, create? Or is it the chance to experience true freedom from constraints? It’s that spirit that leads us to daydream and grab our phones for the millionth time that day? Can’t let anyone, particularly your boss, see you using Instagram again right? But we need it, we need that inspiration, to see these incredible images that help remind us, there is more to see, and we will be damned if we don’t see it all!

Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.

Albert Einstein

Instagram is a mind-blowingly useful tool. Struggling photographer? Aspiring athlete? Whoever you are and whatever you want to be- Instagram is there to help you access the masses. There are 1 billion users on the platform which is just insane.

But with this amount of people, sometimes talent goes unnoticed? 

After a little digging, you can discover Instagram has helped people harness talent, showcase to the world what they can do and most importantly, inspire others.

So we have put together a list of the 101 adventure Instagrammers you need to follow, as we know you need your daily #WanderLustVibes as totally annoying as that hashtag is!

Let’s dive right in! 

PS. We know 101 is a lot, but we made it super easy for you, select a section and navigate down to the Instagrammers you want to see the most or grab a cup of cocoa, put those slipper socks on, sit back and enjoy the adventure. 

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The amazingly talented artists who featured in this article told us a little more about why they do what they do and what valuable advice and pearls of wisdom they have to share with us.

Lets get to know them a little better!


Eric Rubens

“Each trip I go on I try to learn from the people I’m with and take something away from the destination I visited. Travelling opens your eyes to such unique people and places that make this world special.”

Kyle Ohlson

“I grew up in Bend, Oregon spending majority of my time in the mountains during the winter months on skis, and during the summer months, I spent my time in a lake or the ocean on a paddleboard or surfboard.
Growing up in Bend, Oregon has shaped me into who I am and what I do today – filmmaking, photography, skiing, skateboarding, surfing.”

Stephen Trimble

“I was born and raised in a little town by the beach in South Florida where I developed a love and passion for nature; especially the ocean. While capturing photos I developed a passion for traveling and experiencing new cultures, finding new adventures, and meeting passionate adventurous people. I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel to a few countries and various National Parks to capture moments that will live on forever.”

Jurij Ban

Juri travels and goes on adventures with his awesome partner in crime Lea. This is what they had to say about adventure-ing together:

“Hiking together makes us happier, closer and healthier. It can be a crazy cheap date over and over again. And it makes intimacy better. We find each other more appealing. More attractive. More interesting. Who doesnt want to feel more attractive to his/her partner in the relationship? It also clears our heads so we can’t be disconnected and longing for closeness. Getting outdoors together will not only build your relationship, it will also build YOU.  It also allows you to focus on each other in ways that a movie & dinner just CAN’T accomplish.”

Lea Štumberger

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“I have a strong desire to explore the globe, especially the mountains. There is too much beauty in the world to stay put and not explore it. It is like a piece of my heart is missing, and I’m always searching for it. I’m always planning and saving for my next trip/adventure in nature, especially in the mountains, because I can always find someplace new where I can also learn something new about me. With mountains, I grow mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Beth Wald

“Beth Wald’s award winning photography documents cultures and environments at risk; she is particularly interested in telling stories about how traditional cultures around the world are struggling to survive as they face environmental degradation and rapid social change. This work has taken her around the world – from the mountains of Tajikistan and Nepal where she photographed remote mountain tribes and to the Amazon to document threats posed to indigenous people and fragile ecosystems.”

Laura Lawson

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Monet meets Tahoe 🎨

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“Laura Lawson Visconti is a photographer, writer and social content generator based in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. She enjoys telling the stories that inevitably crop up when travel and adventure intersect. Laura is visually impaired with a limited range of vision due to a rare degenerative condition called retinitis pigmentosa. She describes her spiritual journey dealing with this diagnosis and giving up driving in her e-book, Believing is Seeing. All proceeds are donated to the Foundation Fighting Blindness.”

Matthew Hahnel

“Matthew Hahnel is a full-time adventure and travel photographer based in Seattle, Washington. He was born and spent his first 25 years in Melbourne (Australia) where he caught the travel bug and visited over 25 countries.

Matthew’s passion for photography stemmed from his love for the outdoors. He wanted to document his adventures in a way that gave justice to the incredible things he saw. In January of 2016, he decided to focus all of his energy into turning his passion into a successful career and hasn’t turned back since.”

Brendan Durrum

“My photography has evolved over the years to a grand collection. I photograph what I experience to show people what I do. I climb to the tallest mountain, navigate the tightest canyon, and descend into the deepest cave to get a photo. I will wait in subzero weather for the perfect light or stand in rain, snow, or hail for hours for the perfect conditions. Most of my photography is landscape but I’ve slowly changed to action and portrait photography to show what I love to do with the world.”

Janice Power

“The reason I love traveling so much is because I love people. I love their stories, and their histories. It is all well and good to read about far away lands with cultures foreign to you, but it is a whole different thing to experience it first hand. It gives you a better understanding of the world, and ultimately yourself. The advice I would give to people looking to travel a little more is; do it! Most countries have working holiday visa available until 30 or 31 years old. Take some time after (or before) uni and get a job in a different land. Learn something new. Experience something you can’t get at home.”

Mathis Dumas

“Photographer, filmmaker, IFMGA Mountain Guide and mountain sports athlete known for his ability to capture extraordinary imagery while climbing and skiing in extremely high-risk environments. He is based out of Chamonix, in the French Alps.
Mathis’ climb some of the most difficult Ice Fall, Alpine North Face and BigWall in the Alps, Steep skiing and Paragliding they are his daily activity.”

Mirte Van Dijk

“Living simply, being on the road and always exploring the outdoors became my way of living. Something like that is only possible when you commit to it and never see it as a phase. There is no ‘normal’ life. This is it.”

Robert Grew

“Robert Grew is a professional photographer specialising in skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering and rock climbing. Robert is based in Manchester, UK and was brought up climbing in the Peak District, Wales and the Lake District.

Three years ago Robert was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer which required Robert to have a full thyroidectomy, radioactive treatment and a lifetime course of medication. Robert has since committed himself to the outdoors and has climbed and skied an impressive array of Alpine routes.”

Russell Holliday

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every moment is faster now

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“Russell grew roots within the central California surf culture and decided he’d never leave, and would pick up a camera while he was at it. Being the son, grandson, and brother to architects, Russell was raised around the appreciation for visual aesthetic and design. He attended Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo, acquiring a scholastic approach to the world of marketing and advertising, and took a full-time position with adventure photographer, Chris Burkard, the day after graduation.”

Lucas Gilman

Start your adventure small and find places to within driving distance and really work on your craft so when you do set up the trip of a lifetime your ready to maximize the opportunity. Get up early and really focus on the blue and golden hours of your into landscapes. And if you like people do your research and find out when and where activities are taking place.”

Seb Jam

“Progressing everyday a bit more to the professional pass of snowboarding, I still think this sport should be fun and share with friends.
Since young, I always loved be behind a camera and be part of videos projects, from the idea to the final product. The professional way of film maker started with the birth of freebord suisse in 2012. New in this world of promotion, we had to make our own experiences and mistakes but it is the best school you can get.”

Michael Clark

“As a working pro for the last 23 years, I am fascinated by adventure, risk and those amazing adventure sports athletes that put it all on the line to push the limits of their respective sports. I am fascinated with how people, and these athletes in general deal with risk, and overcome it. And I just love being in the outdoors. 
As for advice to those wanting to travel a bit more: Travel light. I have traveled when I had very little money and when a client put me up in luxury hotels. Luxury is nice, but if you want real adventure you will have to seek it out and embrace the unknown.”

Evelina Ronnback

“For me I guess my job (freelance photographer) makes it possible to live and move around as much as I do. But I also think it’s cus I don’t put up so many restrictions or limit myself so much. I love the complete feeling of freedom you can get from that. I love to feel alive, I love to learn and I love to explore the growth that comes with it – by facing challenges, meeting people and just by breathing the air of different places or by nature. “

(The awesome skier featured here is Emma Steneberg)

Liz Carlson

“I’m that cliche “ordinary girl on an extraordinary journey” if one is allowed to say her own life is extraordinary at 28. Basically, I travel a lot. Usually alone too, that way I don’t have to compromise.

A friend once described me as cynical but kind in equal measure, a disturbingly accurate bio. If you’re a fan of chaos, brutal honesty, sarcasm and girls who think they are wittier than they actually are, then you’ve come to the right place.”

Rachel Moore

“I would say that I love being in nature because it’s one of the few places my mind stills and I can find true peace and rest. I have always enjoyed being outdoors and as I got older and decided to start saving to sail around the world, the more I sought out time in the wilderness. Luckily, for the most part, mother nature is free, and once you own the gear and have park passes it’s a cheap way to enjoy life. Sometimes turning your dream into a reality can be a long and costly process, but it is so worth it! “

Chris Brinlee Jr

“I’ve always been a dreamer; carving out a career as a professional adventure storyteller has provided the tools and skills needed to turn those dreams into reality–and then share them with an enthused audience. My best trips always begin with the craziest ideas: Kayak 100 miles around Eastern Greenland to climb untouched rock under the northern lights? Check! Hike 100 miles for a week through the Dolomites with only carry a 6L pack? Okay! Ski across the main divide of New Zealand’s Southern Alps while carrying packrafts for a whitewater adventure out? Let’s do it!”

Renee Hahnel

“Whilst I write about travel and adventure, I also share tips about photography, social media, being a woman in the outdoor community and traveling as a couple.
“I strongly believe life is meant to be experienced, not just dreamed about or put aside for another day”

Kalen Thorien

“My travels are inspired by a simple mantra, “You don’t know till you go”. I’m always seeking to evolve as a woman, and human, and exploration has allowed me to gain and confidence in myself, and a better understanding of this world. You don’t know what you’re truly capable of until you challenge yourself so get out there and see just how far you can push your limits.”


Morgan Oliver-Allen

“My name is Morgan Oliver-Allen. I am 28 years old born and raised in California. I am currently based in LA, but you can usually find me all over the world on a new adventure! I take photos, shoot videos, jump out of planes, and everything inbetween!”

Katie Purling

“My true passion was found the day I picked up my first camera in early 2015 and I haven’t been able to put it down since.
I very quickly became consumed with the art of photography, this was a welcome obsession that has enabled me to leave my life as a Pharmacist behind and pursue a profession that truely inspires me.
I adore softly lit scenes, natural laughter and a pop of colour. With a camera in hand, my aim is to capture images that convey not only deep emotion but also those that inspire a little bit of magic.”

Julia Wimmerlin

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Manta magic

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“Because it allows me to live the life I could only read about before – meeting people I would have never met otherwise, seeing and recording the places I would have never travelled to otherwise

Make an effort and if you don’t have time to travel far – travel around your own city, in your own country. Close or far, choose a destination, plan a few days and then just let it go, go with the flow and adapt to the circumstances – you will see and experience much more. The best thing about travel is the experiences you get.”

Jackson Groves

“For me adventure opens me up to places around the world I’d never imagined existed. It has pushed me through situations I never knew I could endure. Most importantly, it has led me into the path of incredible people from different countries, with different cultures, skin colors, languages and attitudes. That is why I travel. Because I am challenged with new ideas and new adventures every day.

My advice to other travelers would be to enjoy the tourist trail but step away from it as often as possible. Often the most memorable experiences are far away from the most popular attractions.”

Chris Collacott

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Oddly enough, this is one of the most "controversial" images I've ever posted. Why? Well, to get to where I'm standing here, you have to jump a fence that clearly states danger and that one should not go over the fence, and there is a danger to it as you can slip and fall and ... die. I would like to confirm though, I did contact Parks Canada, and there is no actual offense to going there - you can't get a fine. The signs are merely there to warn the general public as it basically on the side of the highway. I've been told by people that by standing here, I may cause someone to die. that is, if someone saw this, and they decide to get the same shot - I would be the reason they did that thus guilty of their death. Or I by standing there are putting first responders at risk - of their lives of trying to rescue me if I fall in. I suppose that brings up questions on risk. What risk are you willing to take to get a shot? Do people have different levels of what is risky or not? Ok, to someone who is 90 years old and needs a walker, sure this spot I'm standing would be super high risk to go there. For someone who has the right gear and is careful - this is nothing. One could argue driving a car down the road has a greater risk of injury than walking out there. Since I did not break any park rules, and feel I have the skill sets to stand out here, I stand in confidence that there is nothing wrong with getting this shot. Yes, other people may see this and not have the skill-sets and get hurt - but that is *their* decision and therefore not my fault if they do. What do you think?

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Chris is a Vancouver based photographer who has been creating next level ultra high res images for many years. Caputirng light like we have neever seen before.  

Michael Overbeck

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Right place, right time.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Michael Overbeck (@michaeloverbeck) am

“Michael Overbeck is a Commercial & Adventure Photographer based out of Whistler, British Columbia.Michael’s goal is to tell a story through his photographs and words. Whether that’s a ski trip to a remote corner of Hokkaido, or creating a unique story to share a brands voice…
It all comes back to the photograph, the story… and authenticity.”

Dave & Deb

We’re Dave and Deb an adventure travel couple that loves inspiring people to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. We have always loved to travel and after splitting our time between work and travel for seven years, we took the plunge to become full-time adventurers by cycling the continent of Africa, we have never looked back.  Before we traveled full time, we went mountain biking, camping, snowboarding, and rock climbing every weekend just two hours outside our home city of Toronto Canada. We saved throughout the year for a trip until each trip got longer and longer and we eventually learned how to make a living out of following our dreams.”

Matthew Karsten

“Adventure travel and photography have been my passion for the past 8 years, seeking out interesting or strange locations around the world and sharing them with others through platforms like Instagram or blogging. The planning, the travel, the patience, the luck — I love all these aspects of the creative process. While everyone can enjoy the final result, it’s more difficult to convey the work that went into it.”


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In this era of flight shaming, eco-anxiety, and climate activism, it’s hard to ignore the dark side of travel. The good news is, we have a lot of control over the impact—negative or positive—that our travel has. Responsible travel is all about making simple choices to lessen our impact on the places we visit. Individually, each one of these choices may only make a small difference. But collectively, becoming more conscious about the little things will have a substantial cumulative impact. As part of my own journey toward becoming a more conscientious traveler, I've written a NEW BLOG POST with some tips for responsible travel that I've found helpful so far! - You don’t need a lot to be a more responsible traveler - after all the idea is to use less, not more. But a small investment in a few items can drastically reduce the amount of waste you consume and leave behind. I've been using the Grayl Water Purifier Bottle to completely eliminate single-use plastic bottles from my life - even in places without potable water. - @backcountry is a great resource for sustainable products like the Grayl, and when you use JESS15 at checkout you'll get 15% your entire first order [Sponsored] *some exclusions apply. Plus, this month, Backcountry will be donating up to $7k from purchases using JESS15 to @nature_org to support their recovery efforts in Australia. #findyourbackcountry - Photo: @everchanginghorizon

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“I definitely don’t have it all figured out. When I feel particularly lost I try to remember who I was before the world told me who I should be. I can feel little pieces of that person returning when I’m on top of a mountain, swimming in an alpine lake, or wandering down a dirt path. For me, that is home. That’s where all the world’s distractions and expectations quietly fade into the distant background and I’m able to finally see the forest past the trees.”


“I can’t imagine my life without traveling and my day without tea. I love exploring different parts of the world and learning about other cultures, history, landscape and of course the ways they prepare their daily cup of tea. I’m emotionally attached to every single teacup I own, but I always love finding new ones during my travels. I love sharing my adventures, tips and things I’ve learned on my blog, where I talk about all the things that excite me at the moment.”

Lisanne & Jeffrey

“Chapter Travel was created in 2015 by Lisanne to share her adventures with Jeffrey on the biggest trip of their lives. Eventually, blogging grew on her and she continues to share her adventures. Now, on this website, you can expect various destinations, travel tips, interviews and more. The text is written by Lisanne, except guest posts by other bloggers, and proofread by Jeffrey. In addition, we both like to create unique visuals of the most beautiful places.”

Joanna Kalafatis

“I have traveled to over 40 countries and want to visit almost every place in the world. There is nothing like exploring new places, getting to know people from different communities, and repeatedly having your assumptions and ideas about the rest of the world proved wrong time and time again. Best of all, trips don’t have to be as expensive as you think; if you want to travel more, there are resources online to help you rack up miles and stay for cheap or free with people around the globe, which will give you a much better local experience than most five star hotels”


“Travelling has been one of the best ways for me to learn about the world’s history and remember that our world is big. There’s nothing that would put your life into perspective better than going out of your comfort zone and seeing just how magnificent our planet is! I always try to stay at homestay, hostel when traveling to save cost when possible and use public transport. Another thing to do is to be as flexible as you can with the flights and destination of choice whenever possible, and being in Asia, flights are often the most expensive part.”

Tasha Amy

“My travel style is luxury for less and affordable travel. You may find me at a fancy hotel, though I will be eating at local restaurants to save money. I may stay in a hostel, though partaking in amazing once in a lifetime activities. I travel with a backpack to avoid paying for check in luggage fees, though that doesn’t mean I wont splurge and pay for extra leg room. Maximizing your experiences is all about choosing where you decide to spend your money, cutting back in certain areas can allow you to spend more in others. I mean there’s no point in traveling to the other side of the world if you cannot experience the best it has to offer!”


Tobias Hägg

“Tobias is a photographer/videographer born and based in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Passionate about adventures and to explore new places from a unique perspective.
His heart lies within nature and this is where he most likely will be found. With a strive for perfection in all off his work Tobias strives for a unique perspective of life and is on a constant chase for creative improvement.”

Gordon Becker

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Typical West Oz viewing.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Gordon Becker (@gbeckerphoto) am

“My love lies with the ocean, and really just the outdoors in general. I call the beautiful area of Margaret River my home. I like to spend any spare moment I have, capturing special moments below the ocean’s surface, and portraying the ocean’s raw beauty from above.”

Christian Debney

“When asked about why he chose to climb Everest, George Mallory replied ‘Because it is there’
I was recently asked why I chose to go to such harsh environments and what is it that makes me want to be an adventure photographer.
My response was ‘Because I am here, I am here for a fleeting moment to witness the World and experience it’s beauty.”

Jenny Levin

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Having a good time.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Jenny Levin (@jennylevin) am

“For me, being in nature, experience the diversity of the land and its forces is the one thing that makes me feel like time isn’t just slipping away from me. Lately I try to explore more locally, in my country or even just in my city. This is kind on the wallet, saves precious travel time, and it’s also a little bit better for the environment than traveling far distances by airplane. Traveling by car is usually a very cheap and flexible option if you’re a group of friends traveling together.”

Mattia Bonavida

“I started taking photos almost 4 years ago, just for passion. Than week after week the my interest in photography got stronger, I worked with many brands such as Nikon and 500px and many others. I specialized in landscape photography because I’m in love with nature and the environment. A suggestion: try always to live the moment first and then try to capture the real essence. I always go location scouting without my camera, I just want to enjoy the contact with nature, after I come back to shoot at my best.”

Max Malloy

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I lost track of time in Dingle

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Max Malloy (@ihaveadarksoul) am

“Max Malloy, a Latvian-born artist, spent his childhood near the Baltic sea. 13 years ago he decided to move to Ireland to be closer to the ocean and to the never-ending green fields. He enjoyed these for many years, always surprised by the surprise of beautiful landscapes. One day he decided to project the beauty of Ireland and his feelings for it into photography, as a means of sharing beauty with others.”

Camilla Rutherford

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Centennial Hut, Franz Joseph Glacier, West Coast NZ

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Camilla Rutherford (Stoddart) (@camillarutherford_photography) am

“A bit of adventure and grit never did anyone any harm and for Camilla Rutherford it has essentially molded her into the talented outdoor lifestyle photographer she is today. Leaving behind St Martins College of Art in London where she obtained her Arts Honors Degree, and her homeland of Scotland, Camilla made a pilgrimage deep into the mountains of New Zealand’s South Island and ended up in Wanaka. It is here that she has carved out an undeniable reputation as one of the country’s best adventure sports, travel, lifestyle and commercial photographers.”

Konsta Punkka

“Konsta Punkka is a worldwide published wildlife, adventure & landscape photographer and speaker. Specialied to capture expressions and feelings of wildlife around the world. Clients varies from car industries and photography brands to tourism boards and outdoor brands. He has also worked with several organisations sharing the effects of climate change.”

Valerie Derome

“With an emphasis on creating crisp and unique images, her goal is to seek the uniqueness in things while challenging photography. Valerie’s passion for photography and visual story telling has evolved into a way to tell stories, capture beauty and create unexpected images using scenic elements of nature. Growing up on skis and surrounded by the natural beauty of Quebec, she developed a deep passion for nature and wildlife. With her work, Valerie hopes to make a difference by raising awareness for wildlife conservation and the protection of the natural world.”

Irene Munguía

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Irene Munguía (@iremunguia) am

“I love what I do because it makes me feel alive and fulfilled. Inside i keep being true to myself and dreams even tho its not always an easy road. And if you want to travel more just do it, excuses is the biggest part of the equation, if you really want to, you will find the way to do it,there is so many different ways to travel this days and so many platforms to get amazing information and contacts.”

Ryan Cline

“I have been fortunate enough to work with many amazing athletes and professionals for some great companies! In the past few years, those jobs have taken me all over. Whether it be driving a ford raptor across the country chasing the solar eclipse or jumping off one of the most popular waterfalls in iceland, I stand the idea that new ideas are worth turning into reality, and that original ideas should be at the forefront of creativity.”

Johan Lolos

“Johan Lolos is a Belgian-born self-taught travel photographer with a passion for the outdoors and the wilderness. After he graduated in PR in 2013 he left Europe and spent a whole year exploring Australia and showcasing the beauty of the country to his audience, mainly on Instagram. Things got serious when National Geographic, BuzzFeed and DailyMail published his photos of Australia and that’s when he decided to go full-time as an outdoor photographer.”

Chris Burkard

“Chris Burkard is an accomplished explorer, photographer, creative director, speaker, and author. Traveling throughout the year to pursue the farthest expanses of Earth, Burkard works to capture stories that inspire humans to consider their relationship with nature, while promoting the preservation of wild places everywhere.

Layered by outdoor, travel, adventure, surf, and lifestyle subjects, Burkard is known for images that are punctuated by untamed, powerful landscapes. Through social media chris strives to share his vision of wild places with millions of people, and to inspire them to explore for themselves.”

Andrew Pavlidis

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julian rocks with @beckil_ //

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Andrew Pavlidis (@andrewpavlidis) am

We don’t know much about Andrew but his photographer is a clear indicator for his passion. Incredible nature is it’s most raw and stripped back form. 


“I’m an outdoor and adventure addict, and thanks for stopping by! I’m a California-native who blogs about backpacking, hiking, outdoor travel, and just about anyplace that makes me smile.”


“Forever wandering with a camera in her hand – Emilie Ristevski is a Australian based creative. Built upon natural light and curiosity, her work gathers beautiful moments together to simply tell stories through the images she creates.”


“Opportunities don’t just present themselves—they have to be created. I want to help you find the strength and motivation to cultivate the things you want in life. It’s about passion, persistence, and dedication. It’s about believing in the impossible, and seeking adventure in every day.”

Manuela Palmberger

“I’m a self-taught photographer from Munich, Germany. But I’m born and raised around Garmisch-Patenkirchen, which maybe explains my obsession with mountains and the outdoors.

I just want to show the beauty that surrounds us, sometimes far away but mostly closer than we might think.”

Emmett Sparling

A really talented photographer who uses light and colour so creatively. Depicting the hark and thoughtful use of nature with a burst of action! Emmett is really cool. 

Long-Nong Huang

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Welcome to Pandora! 🐉

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Long-Nong Huang | Traveller (@long.explorer) am

Long is a real talent, nature in it’s most raw form, the use of people set against the backdrop of incredible nature Long is creative and we are hooked on his IG.

Jess Bonde

“For the past six years I have been on the road, exploring, adventuring, and working whatever jobs I can find to fund my next mission. From escorting billionaires on their private superyachts in the Mediterranean, to picking potatoes in dusty fields, and everywhere in between, it was this journey that taught me the most in life.

Humility, authenticity, vulnerability, an insatiable thirst for adventure, and living simply is what I am all about.”

Brayden Hall

“Brayden is a Vancouver based photographer, videographer drone pilot, and digital influencer with an insatiable hunger to explore. From the epic peaks of Patagonia to the lush tropical beaches of Colombia, you can find him searching for the next adventure.

In 2014, he set out on his first backpacking trip throughout Latin America. It was there where he realized his passions for travel and creating content.”



“I’m a connector. I believe in the power of vulnerability in shared imagery and storytelling. I believe that this is what social media is for! It’s a wonderful tool that can be used to encourage and inspire. With every original photo I share, and everything I write, my hope is to give life to others and to continue the practice of vulnerability myself. I want us all to KNOW we’re not alone. I want to motivate people to uncover their own creative hearts, and discover freedom + courage in sharing their own stories.”

Rachel Sawden

 “I’m a restless spirit and an explorer who has dreamed of seeing the world since I was a little girl. I have always had a passion for photography and creating images so being able to blend the two is a dream come true. If you want to travel more, just buy the ticket. That’s the hardest part. Once you’ve bought it, everything else will come easily. If you’re worried about cost, do some research and you can travel very cheaply – just avoid prepackaged tours and travel agents.”