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Women's sunglasses to complete your street style

The good weather is slowly approaching and with it, the bright sun and that spring feeling that we all have been waiting for. It is essential that your eyes are protected and that is why you should wear a pair of sunglasses. At Ridestore, you can buy stylish streetwear sunglasses for women, from the comfort of your sofa. You can filter your selection by specs, colour and different brands, choose your favourite ones and get ready for the summer.

The right model for every woman

Your new sunglasses should ensure UV protection, a good fit and they should suit your style. Also, it is essential that the design matches your look and the shape of your face.


Today there are glasses in many different colours; this is amazing because everyone can find the model that suits them better. Even skin tone and hair colour play an important role. While some women stand out better from colder shades, others may wear softer and warmer colours.

Face shape

As a general rule, you can say that your sunglasses should be in contrast with the shape of your face. For example, for those with more oval face shape, round lenses will be the most suitable; vice versa for those with a rounder face.


Of course, all this makes sense only if the sunglasses also match your style. If you prefer a classic and elegant street look, opt for simple black eyewear; skater girls can dare with coloured lenses.

New trends

Not sure which sunglasses to choose and what this season's trends are? We are here to help you. In fact, at Ridestore you can always choose from a comprehensive and up-to-date range of women's sunglasses.

Among the new trends, it is worth mentioning sunglasses with square lenses; they can be found in different shapes that vary slightly depending on the model, from rectangular to hexagonal, or octagonal.

The classic aviator model initially developed for pilots, has also expanded into the women's fashion world as a true classic, with its metal frame and drop-shaped lenses. Retro models, in the '50s and' 60s style, gold or silver, will give you a particularly feminine look, with extra large plastic frames, for a young and playful touch.

Round sunglasses will be your companion for summer festivals. These models range from coloured to mirrored or frameless, and they will make your look cool and casual.

Protect your eyes

Sunglasses are one of the essential fashion accessories because they protect the eyes while ensuring excellent visibility when the sunlight is intense. Therefore, UV protection is the primary function of sunglasses. When choosing them, a good indicator is following the European standard - according to ISO 12312-1 - of the filter categories from 0 to 4, where 4 indicates the maximum UV shielding. The lowest factor (1) with less than 20% light attenuation offers less protection; the highest (4) up to 97%. In most latitudes, category 2 glasses are probably enough; in case of snow or reflections on clear water, category 4 lenses are a must.

Care tips: so your sunglasses will remain beautiful for a long time

It is crucial to store sunglasses properly to avoid scratches. Therefore, you should always keep them in their case when not in use. Cleaning them is also important, and luckily, it is super easy too! First, rinse the glasses under running water, with a little extra detergent. Then dry them with the cloth provided by the manufacturer or microfibre cloth. And that is all!

The latest collections of the best brands at Ridestore

Buy your new sunglasses from the best brands like Adidas, Dope, Neff, Newsoul and many others in our online store, comfortably and quickly. Get many benefits including a wide selection of famous brands, free shipping and returns on all orders.

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