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Montec Mizu M8 Montec Other Black

Product Information

The Mizu M8 Bottle is a single-walled reusable water bottle designed to reduce plastic wastage in the long term. We’ve teamed up with Mizu to produce our own branded version with the aim to support the positive change towards reusable water bottles, and the mission to step away from single-use plastics. Made from 100% food-grade stainless steel, the Mizu M8 is robust, and ready for your next adventure.

Technical Specs
Material / 100% Stainless Steel
Volume / 25oz/750ml
Height / 10.3in/262mm
Diameter / 3in/75mm
Weight / 7oz/196g

Insulation / No
Cup Holder Compatible / Yes
Microwave Safe / No
Dishwasher Safe / No

Montec Mizu M8 Montec Other Black
Mizu M8 Montec
One Size