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Dr Denim Jenn Shorts Women's Shorts Retro Black

Product Information

The Jenn shorts from Dr Denim are a throwback to simpler times, when denim was denim, shorts were short, and summer was for fun in the sun.
Roll back the clock and roll up your hems, the Jenn shorts are a 100% cotton powerhouse with a mid-rise fit and a slim cut that shows off everything it’s supposed but doesn’t cut or pinch. Add in four functional pockets, classic belt loops, and a zippered fly to keep them timeless, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a pair of denim shorts ready for any occasion. Step forward into quality with the Jenn shorts, and never look back.

Dr Denim Jenn Shorts Women's Shorts Retro Black


  • 100% Cotton
  • Slim cut
  • Mid-rise fit
  • Rolled hem
Jenn Shorts
Dr Denim
Retro Black
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