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Dope Ace Glove Ski Gloves White

Product Information

How about a glove made out of high tech materials and packed with functions. Let us introduce the Dope Ace glove.

The glove is made out of equally waterproof and breathable material as our Dope jackets and pants, to keep you dry and warm in all conditions.

And if you would get to warm while riding, the gloves already got you covered. The Ace glove is designed to lead out steam and warmth from your hands. And prevent water from finding its way in while doing so.

Also packed with small but smart functions such as cuffs to prevent you from dropping the gloves in the lift, but then again. Why would you even need to take it off in the lift since the glove itself is already smartphone compatible?

Dope Ace Glove Ski Gloves White
Ace Glove
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