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Dope Cozy Hood Women's Facemask Pink


Product Information

Let us introduce you to the Dope Cozy Hood. Your best friend when it gets chilly outside and you need something incredible comfy to shield you against the elements and keep you warm. Doesn't matter if you're on the slopes or just outside in the snow because we created the Cozy Hood to be used for every purpose.

Made out of soft and warm fleece fabric it is the perfect addition to your snow outfit and it comes in a broad variety of colours to fit your style. You can use the Cozy Hood like a traditional neckwarmer and faceshield or, if the conditions gets rougher, just get some extra cover under the soft hood. We added drawstrings as well to adjust the fit of the hood for every occasion so that you can wear it loose on a calm day or tighten it and get fully covered for a fast ride through the pow.

Choose your own style and adapt to every condition out there with our Dope Cozy Hood.

Dope Cozy Hood Women's Facemask Pink
Cozy Hood
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