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Dope Snuggle Paradise W Women's Base Layer Pant Black


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When we designed the Snuggle first layer pant, we wanted to stay away from the classic first layer style. Why not combine the style of a pair of tights with the functions of a first layer? And just like that, the Snuggle pants where born. The Snuggle first layer bottom is made of a polyester and spandex blend which gives great warmth and breathing performance while being flexible and stretchy. And have you ever wondered how it feels to be dressed in fluffy clouds? Maybe we can't really offer you that, but we think the brushed inside of the Snuggle pants is pretty much as close you can get. Of course in a broad variety of patterns and colours so you can create your own complete snow look.

Dope Snuggle Paradise W Women's Base Layer Pant Black
Snuggle Paradise W
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