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Bern Helmets

Bern Unlimited is an action sports company that specialise in making and selling helmets for non-motorized action sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing and cycling. The company is privately owned and operated by action sports enthusiasts who know exactly what athletes are looking for. The personally designed and unique helmets that Bern Unlimited specialises in boast collections for both men and women. The fashionable helmets are available in various designs and models such as Brighton and Berkeley, whilst also coming in all colours and sizes.

Bern Unlimited has created helmets that are super stylish to wear while at the same time making sure riding is as safe as possible. The helmets, which are usually designed in simplistic colours and designs, have a high quality as well as functionality. Bern has a patent on the comfortable and clever visor-shape, which protects the rider against the blinding sun and any persistent rain. For skateboarding you will find the Watts model for men and the Lenox model for women. Bern Unlimited also offer a snowboarding and cycling collection for juniors with great protection and comfort - both are of course stylish and cool in colour and available for both boys and girls. Bern Unlimited values the environment and nature, creating products that are as durable and environmentally friendly as possible. Bern puts huge emphasis on the importance of good teamwork with passion and integrity as the two most important traits behind the company.

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