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Adidas Snowboarding Tactical Lexicon Adv Snowboard Boots Footwear White/Core Black/Siggnr

Product Information

The Tactical Lexicon Advanced is a mid-flexing boot with a classic laces, a modern style, and enough tech to take you all over the mountain.

Key Information
• Flex Rating / Medium (6/10)
• Riding Style / All-Mountain
• Heat-Moldable Liner / Yes
• Lacing System / Classic Laces

The Rundown
The Tactical Lexicon Advanced boots are packed with Adidas tech. The classic instep power laces will allow you to get that perfect fit and keep your foot locked in place. Adidas have also packed in a Boost Midsole for cushioning and weight transfer, and a gold level heat-mouldable liner for the perfect fit. Inside, there’s also a 3D moulded tongue and an inner ankle harness with speed lacing to eliminate heel lift. On the outside Adidas have given it an articulated shell to cope with the stresses of all-mountain riding, rounding this out as a great all around boot.

What We Love
This boot has a really nice medium flex that just airs on the stiffer side of things, which means that you get a good amount of response and support, even when you’re hammering it. Though because of the articulated cuff, when you’re tweaking things out in the park or stomping side hits, you can flex without bending and stressing the shell, which checks all our boxes. And with an awesome internal heel harness, you really can ride these things anywhere and give the mountain hell.

Full Feature List
• Boost Midsole: Provides great response and cushioning.
• Instep Power Lacing System: For targeted support and pressure point relief.
• Gold Level Heat Mouldable Ultralon Liner: Top of the range heat moulding for unparalleled support.
• Articulated Cuff Shell: Reduces stress and wear on the boot and allows for better freedom of movement.
• Inner Ankle Harness with Speed Lacing: Eliminates heel lift while riding.

Adidas Snowboarding Tactical Lexicon Adv Snowboard Boots Footwear White/Core Black/Siggnr
Tactical Lexicon Adv
Adidas Snowboarding
Footwear White/Core Black/Siggnr
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