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Modern and timeless men's streetwear shirts

Shirts have always been a faithful companion of men. Available in different cuts and styles, they are a trusted partner for all occasions. At Ridestore you will find a wide selection, from basic to casual shirts for work and leisure.

Modern streetwear shirts differ in cutting from the most traditional and they are available in a variety of models and fit.

Different Fit

The slim fit shirt has, as the name suggests, a thinner cut. The fabric is usually a cotton and elastane blend, making it slightly elastic and soft on the skin. The narrow cut tends to emphasise the upper part of the body, making this model particularly suitable for men with a slender frame.

There are also modern fit shirts, which probably are the most common variant among men's shirts; they are not tight-fitting but not too large either. This fit is perfect even for thin men, and this type of shirts is available for both leisure and work.

On the other hand, regular fit models are cut straight; they are almost always made of cotton, and they are suitable for men with a slightly wider torso or men that prefer a wide cut.

Last but not least, we have comfort fit shirts. This model has a very loose and squared cut, which helps to hide the belly and ensure constant air circulation. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for men who wear XL or XXL sizes.

Men's shirt for work and leisure

Shirts are suitable for all occasions and tastes, not only because of the varieties of cuts, designs of their features such as sleeves but also in terms of patterns and colours. There will always be the classic office shirts in white, blue or black, but the colour variants for casual shirts are really vast.

Elegant or sporty

Whether it is a job interview or a first date, there are times when you want to make a good impression, while feeling self-confident and comfortable. Simple shirts in blue, brown or grey are excellent alternatives to classic white, as well as traditional tartan or casual flannel shirts.

Casual streetwear

Finally out of the office! Coloured shirts with prints, wide cuts to wear open with a t-shirt underneath. Match it with comfortable sneakers and your favourite trousers, and you are ready to meet your friends directly for a beer after work.

Flannel patterns: soft and iconic

The flannel one is a true classic among men's shirts. They are also called lumberjack shirts because of their origin as work shirts. The soft fabric in cotton and synthetic fibres gives you a comfortable fit; the wide cut gives a relaxed look, and they are particularly suitable to be worn during outdoor activities.

The best-known model is the one in the combination of black-red colours, but today many other colours are also available.

Sporty and elegant: button-down

Have you ever wondered what button down shirts are? We will explain it quickly: they take the name from the collar, fastened with buttons; this keeps the collar in shape and makes you look elegant even while wearing sportswear. As a result, it always stays in shape and is particularly suitable for sports outfits with street shoes, chinos and skateboards.

Great prices at Ridestore

As you can see, men's shirts are more versatile than ever thanks to the many developments in current men's fashion, and the choice is huge. A shirt is always a good alternative whether you are dressing for work, school, a party or even if you just fancy dressing smart in your spare time. Find your favourite model, choose from the collections of famous brands like Dickies, Dope Snow and many others, and create your perfect streetwear look. You can order from the comfort of your home and enjoy free delivery and returns.

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