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Industry-Leading Brands

Here at Ridestore, we pride ourselves not only on producing the best outdoor trousers in the industry, but also stocking the best pants from the best brands. Our pants are made for adventure, and stand strong among products from brands like Peak Performance, The North Face, and Adidas Terrex, who strive to produce the best products possible for the adventurous lifestyle.

Style and Function Of Outdoor Pants

Form and function are meeting like never before. Thanks to leaps forward in technology, new and exciting fabrics are able to be worked in amazing aways. Outdoor and adventure trousers have carved out a space for themselves in the mountain wear world, and thanks to stretchy, tough, utilitarian fabrics and constructions, design has been pushed to its limits, producing some truly extraordinary products.

Breathability and Waterproofing

Thanks to polyesters, nylons, and polyamides, fabrics are now able to be lightweight, stretchy, and super durable, as well as waterproof. However, that’s only half the battle. As we walk, we generate heat, and the ability to let moisture out while preventing it from getting in is just as important. From breathable mesh and zipped vents to space age fabrics, our collection features the best of the best.

Synthetic vs. Natural Materials

The endless duel between synthetic and natural fabrics will never end. But when it comes to hiking trousers, synthetics are pushing ahead. Nylons and polyesters are dominating the market thanks to their amazing longevity, and their ability to be blended with other fabrics, and imbued with waterproofing and other useful features. Check out our full range for all the latest and greatest.

Unique Features Of Outdoor Pants

We push our own brand, Dope, to its limits every year, producing a range of outdoor trousers that deliver. We utilise unique fits and constructions, as well as one-of-a-kind features like double-depth pockets with phone harnesses, crotch gussets, meshed vents, elasticated waists with built in belts, to ensure that our customers are always being rewarded for choosing us.

Inclusive Sizing

Here at Ridestore, we make sure to offer inclusive sizes in as many products as possible. Our own brand, Dope, makes hiking trousers in both mens and womens’ specific fits, from XS to XL sizes, to ensure that everyone can look and feel great when they’re getting out there. Check out our range of adventure pants to see what’s available.

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