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Oakley Backwoods Balaclava Facemask Blackout

Product Information

The Backwoods Balaclava is a shaped ski mask made from naturally tough and weather resistant materials.
With a 53% polyamide content, this balaclava is super durable and sure to last a long time. Polyamide also has a natural water resistance, so you can be sure you’ll be shrugging off powder shots to the face no trouble. The 30% polyester content provides solid breathability and wind resistance, and the 17% elastane content helps keep it snug and secure without feeling tight.

Oakley Backwoods Balaclava Facemask Blackout


  • 53% Polyamide, 30% Polyester, 17% Elastane
  • Water resistant
  • Wind resistant
  • Stretchy and breathable
Backwoods Balaclava

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