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Grab your ski boots, or indeed your snowboard boots and let's head to the airport. The ultimate thrill awaits you in the snowpark. From the beginner features to the prolines, these parks offer something to every type of rider. Let's dive right in and learn more.

1. Laax - Switzerland

Laax Snowpark

Editor’s note: For updated list of top-rated snowparks in Europe, check out the 50 best snowparks in Europe awards.

Home to snowboard legend Nicholas Muller and Freeski wonder child Andri Ragettli, there is no discussion that LAAX has whatever it takes to produce professional athletes!

With 4 snowparks spread around the mountain, Laax has something for everybody! Do you want to know what it’s like hitting 4 Olympic sized jumps or shred the biggest halfpipe in Europe? Then this is the place for you!

If you get sweaty palms even thinking about the huge PRO jumps, then head over to the Beginner park and work on your tricks there instead. Maybe this is where you will stick your first 360?!

When you get tired, check out the Chill ‘n’ Style cafe at the NoName PRO park. There they offer fresh paninis, croissants and much more. A great way to relax after a fun session.

Laax also has a HUGE indoor playground called “freestyle academy”. They have a couple of skateparks and a giant indoor ski jump to practice your flips safely before bringing them to the slopes.

Parks: 1x easy, 1x medium 2x medium/PRO Nearest Airport: Zurich (Swiss airline has the most flights here).

2. Kläppen - Sweden

Kläppen Ski Resort Facebook
Photo Credit: Kläppen Ski Resort Facebook

There is a reason that Kläppen Snowpark has been named the best snowpark in Sweden for 9 years in a row. It is absolutely amazing.

Kläppen offers different parks for beginners and intermediate riders, and is home to Sweden’s only halfpipe. But the park the area is most famous for is the big PRO park.

The big park is one of the most efficient snowparks that was ever built. It has a super fast T-bar lift in the middle and is a really well planned short snowpark, with many many options and lines to get creative on both sides of the lift.

Rumoors say that a skier once did 3500 laps in it over the course of a winter. That is more than 23 laps per day for 150 days straight. Seems like a winner if you want to perfectionize your tricks.

Kläppen was the first resort in Sälenfjällen (biggest ski area in Sweden) to build a Gondola recently. So when you get tired from shredding too hard and too fast in the park, take a break and enjoy the view from the air before getting back on track again!

Parks: 1x easy, 1x medium 2x medium/PRO Nearest Airport: Stockholm Arlanda & Östersund Airport.

3. Corvatsch - Switzerland

Corvatsch 3303 Facebook
© Corvatsch

If you are looking for a snowpark that has everything, and that is the perfect arena for world class free ski/snowboard event, then Corvatch is your resort! It is also known to be one of the biggest snowparks in Europe.

Due to its design with a really good layout of jumps and rails, the Corvatch park is home to numerous of competitions each winter. The FIS World Cup might be the biggest of them and pro skiers come together from all over the world to have a good time and shred here together for a week.

But, even if you are not Pro, there is a ton of great jump/rail options for beginners. They even have a junior halfpipe if you feel tempted to try out something new.

With an entrance at the Murtél middle station, the snowpark is located right at the heart and center of the resort. Easy to access from wherever you are on the mountain.

Plus, there is a park crew of 7 people working by hand in the park every day to keep it in perfect shape, ready to change and rebuild it whenever it’s needed. So to find this park in a bad shape will never happen.

If you get inspired by all of the pros ripping it over at the biggest jumps, give it a try on getting your own trick perfected with the help of the AirBag they have. It’s a great way to try a first flip or inverted rotation without the risk of killing yourself!

Nearest AIRPORT: Zurich (Swiss Air has the best flights here).

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