the north face futurelight review

The North Face FUTURELIGHT™ - Defying Expectations, Made For Movement

Every now and again, a new technology comes pounding, full speed ahead onto the market and completely shakes things up. When a brand listens to their hardcore following, takes their advice, and matches it with what the industry needs, creating something that breaks boundaries and is undeniably innovative, well, it’s something special. The future of outwear technology has had a makeover, and we love it’s new look. Welcome to the forefront, Futurelight technology by The Northface

They have said that Futurelight technology was made to defy expectations and from what we have seen, they have broken through the glass ceiling of what we thought was possible and we are stoked about what’s the come. It’s a game-changer, and we literally cannot wait to see what this means for the Snowsports industry and beyond. 

The North Face Futurelight Snow Collection now available at Ridestore

So It Begs The Questions, What Is Future Light?

futurelight north face Ridestore

It’s simple really, the world most advanced breathable- waterproof technology for outwear clothing. Twice as breathable as what’s already available, allowing full movement and dexterity, we are talking comfort at no expense of performance. Offering the highest levels of waterproofing available on the market, rigorously tested by athletes in the worlds harshest conditions, from extreme backcountry riding to free climbing and hiking at all four corners of the globe. 

Sounding pretty sick so far no? That freeride trip you have planned will be even better with Futurelight right!

But to put it simply, Futurelight uses an ingenious nano-spinning technology that allows fully customisable and varying thickness. A nanomembrane that creates airflow while keeping the water out. This means Futurelight can be applied to ultra-thin, supple, light and flexible materials all the way to thicker and more robust items.

There is also zero compromises of style either as the tech is fully integrated into the Summit Series which as we all know has been making style and performance waves in outdoor gear for years! It’s a pretty incredible legacy that’s set to be amplified with Futurelight. This is gear that breathes and pushes as hard as you do. 

Is Futurelight Sustainable?

new technology by the north face called futurelight 2019 - at ridestore now

The NorthFace has been committed to sustainability excellence in the summit series and beyond for years, and Futurelight is no exception. With increased awareness and customers demanding that the latest technology in outwear be at no expense of the environment we care so deeply for, The Northface have ensured that Futurelight will defy expectations in every way. Crafted with 90% recyclable materials, this their most suitable produced fabric to date. 

What Does Futurelight Mean For Ski Wear?

get futurelight clothing online at Ridestore

It means you can go bigger, climb higher, ride harder, all the while being fully protected from the elements. Futurelight has got your back. Allowing you to do what you do best. With the winter season coming up and the mountains firmly on the brain, this means that all types of riding are possible. Take Futurelight with you on your touring trip to Norway, take it with you freeriding in Japan, or maybe when you head to the US to the backcountry in Montana or just to the slopes in Austria.

With a range of men’s snowboard jackets / women’s snowboard jackets, men’s ski jackets / women’s ski jacketsmid-layers and mens and women’s bibbed salopettes available, nothing is preventing you from being the best rider you can be. It just leaves you with turning on your out of the office to “gone skiing, be back, sometime in the spring”.

Futurelight Snowboard Jacket Inspiration?

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