10 Ways To Reduce Your Environmental Impact - An Adventure Travellers Guide

We are becoming better and better at travelling. Seems like a strange thing to say but as we have become savvier at travelling, but we must also get consider minimising our environmental impact and travelling more sustainably. It can be as simple as 10 Ways To Reduce Your Environmental Impact, so we created an adventure travellers guide.

These 10 suggestions won’t mean a total change to the way to travel but more a revitalisation of how to search, book and execute an adventure, leaving a minimal footprint on the world. After all, we “woke AF” millennials care; we care about the environment, people and places, from festivals to mountains, so let’s show them darn baby boomers how it’s done! Baby boomers, get ready be get schooled!

10 Ways To Reduce Your Environmental Impact- An Adventure Travellers Guide.

“There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more. Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

Lord Byron

I don’t want to get all soppy on you guys; we have to keep things cheerful despite the impending doom of the planet, the vast deterioration of the environment etc, but we know this, we are aware. But a quote like this one reminds us of how the beauty and value of nature and the environment which are mirror images of one another. So, therefore, whether you are heading to hike in Norway, on a city adventure, Switzerland to ski or maybe you are road-tripping, whatever the experience, with just 10 Ways To Reduce Your Environmental Impact- An Adventure Travelers Guide, we can change the world one adventure at a time.

Travel Smarter, Travel Greener, Travel Better

1. Fly Greener

Opt for nonstop rather than connecting flights, as the majority of fuel use occurs during takeoff and landing. Nonstops are often more expensive than connecting flights but its worth it. Carbon offset campaigns are also a good tip. They are a quick way to mitigate the impact of travel. Several European airports, as well as San Francisco International, have made it easy for travelers by conveniently selling offsets at airport kiosks. Additionally, numerous airlines sell them during the booking process.

2. Public Transport

I am suggesting any and all forms but train travel is a fast and fun suggestion. Train travel is a greener way of getting around and very often the most stress free method. Train lines even in the most remote destinations are surprisingly good, if you are traveling around some less economically developed places, train travel can be a reliable and easy mode. It can also be cheaper, look online for multi tickets like rail pass that changed travel around Europe, Interrail, from city to coast and to the mountains!

3. Eco Friendly Destinations

Look for destinations that make preservation and sustainability a priority. Certain locations, such as Alaska, Costa Rica, South Africa, U.S. National Parks, Belize, and Maho Bay on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, have more to offer environmentally aware travelers.

4. Go Paper-less

This one is easy peasy for us smart phone lovers. Dont print passes, use apps instead for your boarding pass for example. Keep all your tickets on apps, generally speaking all major providers of transport etc do, if you are staying somewhere off the beaten track, maybe booking a trek in Nepal, see if they will email you tickets instead. This goes for maps and city trackers etc. 

5. Stay Greener

Camping is often free or relatively inexpensive and perhaps the greenest lodging option. Some hotels have green initiative too, most third party booking sites will offer this info or directly through the hotels website. You can also help by asking your sheets not to be changed daily and reusing your towel more than once too! 

6. Smart Packing

This tip may sound pretty odd but its an easy, cheap and simple place to start. Start with hints like packing a reusable water bottle, fill up at taps instead and save money and forgo single use plastic bottles. Pack light too, considering what pants and shirts you can reuse during your trip can help you lighten your load as well. Remember, you can always wash items in a sink if needed.

7. Booking / Shop / Eat Local

Consider the mantra when traveling, keep it local! LOCAL is always better for the enviroment. Wanting to do an excusion?- Book it with a local operator. Wanting to eat out?- Eat at a small local joint. Want to buy products?- Shop at small local artisanal shops. Local means (generally)  less energy resources, supporting local businesses and communities too. 

8. Single Use Plastic

Single use plastic is destroying the earth, eco systems and the environment as a whole. You can combat your impact by trying to make it obsolete. You, all your friends and travel buddies can stop the use of plastic cutlery and plates for example. Take cutlery with you, along with plates and glasses.

9. Water Purity

When spending time in the mountains or indeed by the sea, consider what you are adding into the water. When washing yourself or plates when trekking near a river for example, avoid using chemicals or if you can adding anything into the water flow. Use biodegradable products and where you can keep unclean water away from the flowing water.

10. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Start with the simplistic task of picking up your litter, from the biggest packaging to the smallest bottle cap or wrapper. If you have a backpack, separate compartments for different types of rubbish to recycle when you are next given the chance. If you are trekking and you are away for a while, hold on to the rubbish, in an airtight container or bag, better that than leaving it behind. Protecting the environment is a huge global issue and recycling facilities are readily available. It’s a matter of effort.

10 Ways To Reduce Your Environmental Impact- An Adventure Travelers Guide- Final Thoughts

There we have it guys. A simple, super easy peasy to follow list of hints and tips that well reduce your environmental impact when traveling. This will make you a smarter traveler and the most smug guy among your friends who will be secretly jelly of your  reusable water bottle and in depth knowledge of local restaurants! Crucially of course research is the best tip. Know the area, shop around when booking and look at the bigger picture of every bit of planning you do. With a bit of awareness and selflessness, we can work towards making the world a better place. 

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