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Dope Blizzard LE W Women's Ski Pants Pink Patchwork

Product Information

New for the 2020/21 season, the limited edition Pink Patchwork Blizzard designs are a celebration of colour and fun. As current style trends move towards bright, single colour sets, we thought why not do something different? The result is this — a Frankenstein's monster of frivolity, joviality, and originality. Stand out this season, and go bold with these unique prints.

When comfort meets performance, and falls in love, the inevitable happens. The result? The Blizzard pants. We took everything we loved about snow pants, and everything we loved about sweatpants, and we smashed them together to make these baggy-fitting, elasticated, soft-to-the-touch, ready-to-shred pants. They’ve got waterproofing to rival any fully fledged snow pant, and no insulation to keep you light on your feet. They’re soft, durable, and ready for all the jibs, hucks, and sends you can muster. Sound good? We know, right.

Dope Blizzard LE W Women's Ski Pants Pink Patchwork
Blizzard LE W
Pink Patchwork
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