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Dope JT Blizzard Ski Pants Red

Product Information

The JT collection returns this year with more bright and eye-catching designs, as well as a focus on premium functionality. JT is a hard rider who needs his clothing to perform, so we brought all of our technical experience and gave him free reign over the design. The result is this, clothing that looks good, and rides even better. Push hard and look amazing in this year’s JT Collection.

“It’s amazing to work with Dope Snow. To be able to design, and to make my own gear is insane! The lightweight and baggy designs don’t just look fresh, they also make me ski better! The Blizzard pants have changed the way I look at snow pants. They are kind of like sweatpants but for outdoors! Super comfortable but still packing the performance I need.” - JT

The Blizzard pants are a super comfortable lightweight option from Dope and a real crowd favorite. With a stretchy outer shell and elasticated cuffs for that laid-back, street-inspired look, they’re about as pleasing to the eye as they are technical. And now they get even better. We gave them the JT treatment, decked them out in the sickest red and added some black accents to really make them pop. There’s no way anyone will miss you wearing these. But that’s sort of the point right?

Dope JT Blizzard Ski Pants Red
JT Blizzard
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