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Dope Snuggle OG Base Layer Top Inka

Product Information

Why choose between warmth or style? The market for men's under layers has been quite boring, the solution? Meet Dope Snuggle.
The snuggle base layers come in a variety of color ranges so you can customize your snow look to the fullest.
Even though the style is important, let's leave that for now and talk features.
The Snuggle under layer is short turtle neck style shirt with fleece lining for a warm and comfortable experience. It is made out of a warm and super breathable combination of polyester and spandex.
But we wanted to add one more layer to the snuggle, cozyness! So the inside is brushed which makes for just that, a soft and cozy feeling.

Dope Snuggle OG Base Layer Top Inka
Snuggle OG
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